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Books interview: Ronald Reng
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 08 October 11:44

The tragic life and death of Robert Enke.

Friday Arts Diary
By Staff blogger - 07 October 16:02

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

You Only Get What You Give, David? Really?
By Andy Welch - 07 October 13:53

Why the rubbish music played at party conferences matters.

2011 Nobel Prize for Literature awarded
By Alice Gribbin - 06 October 13:23

Medal goes to Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer.

Poetic justice
By Sophie Elmhirst - 06 October 12:26

John Burnside, shortlisted three times before, finally wins the Forward Prize

Gilbey on Film: In praise of Kathy Burke
By Ryan Gilbey - 05 October 14:49

A comic actor's baggage can often work to great dramatic effect.

Art review: Asia Triennial Manchester 11
By Dany Louise - 05 October 11:30

This celebration of Asian art lacks ambition.

Film interview: Mark Kermode
By Alice Gribbin - 04 October 20:36

"The worst multiplexes are like supermarkets that close the village shop"

Pumped by fame
By Gina Allum - 04 October 18:08

Robert Sheehan is a not wholly convincing playboy.

Comedy update
By Androulla Harris - 04 October 16:57

Private Eye at the V&A, the Onion's UK arrival and Atkinson hints at Blackadder 5.

Reviews round-up
By Staff blogger - 04 October 13:32

The critics' verdicts on Julian Assange, Robert Harris and Richard Beard.

British Blackshirts
By Androulla Harris - 03 October 11:59

Commemorate the 75th anniversary of East Enders blocking Mosley's fascists at Cable Street.

Pierre Boulez in London
By Staff blogger - 30 September 17:59

Giant of contemporary music and avant-garde pioneer is celebrated at the Southbank Centre.

A modest proposal: we need Enemybook
By Androulla Harris - 30 September 16:34

Don't be tricked into electronic friendship.

Friday Arts Diary
By Staff blogger - 30 September 11:32

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

In the Critics this week
By Staff blogger - 29 September 15:44

Julian Assange, Shirley Bassey and questionable Booker prize judges.

Bob Dylan looks back
By Yo Zushi - 29 September 15:00

The songwriter’s latest exhibition of paintings has been plagued with accusations of plagiarism, but

The Books Interview: James Palumbo
By Samira Shackle - 29 September 12:24

The founder of the Ministry of Sound talks about clubbing, satire, and funding the Lib Dems.

Back to the future
By Androulla Harris - 28 September 17:22

Upcoming releases by world-class directors.

Gilbey on Film: The crying game
By Ryan Gilbey - 28 September 13:13

I've blubbed at more cinematic dross than I care to remember.

Art review: Degas and Ballet | Royal Academy, London
By Clive Joinson - 27 September 15:19

These paintings depict dancers as exemplars of the human animal.

Strangely likeable hormonal drunkards
By Gina Allum - 27 September 11:32

<i>The Inbetweeners Movie</i> is here.

Only girls allowed
By Nilpa Shah - 27 September 10:45

Turkish club Fenerbahçe hosted a historic night of football on which no men were allowed in the grou

Reviews round-up
By Staff blogger - 27 September 0:05

The critics' verdicts on Stephen Greenblatt, Charlie Campbell and Michael Ondaatje.

Music review: Christian Gerhaher, Gerold Huber | Wigmore Hall
By Alexandra Coghlan - 25 September 15:21

Third-person delivery of a first-person song cycle.

Situationism and spectacle in London's East End
By Sean Gittins - 23 September 16:16

A dérive around Limehouse with McKenzie Wark.

Friday Arts Diary
By Androulla Harris - 23 September 12:24

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

In the Critics this week
By Staff blogger - 22 September 18:06

Colin MacCabe on controversy in Cambridge, Gilbey on Drive and a Norwegian teen show.

Gilbey on Film: From big screen to small
By Ryan Gilbey - 21 September 17:25

Actors and directors are turning from film to TV.

Reviews round-up
By Staff blogger - 20 September 17:43

The critics' verdicts on Christopher Hitchens, Alexander Maksik and Mark Yarm.