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In the Critics this week
By New Statesman - 09 August 16:15

Claire Lowdon objects to one novel on the Man Booker longlist, Ryan Gilbey talks female role models in Pixar's Brave and Jonathan Coe applauds Javier Marías’s attempts to reimagine the novel.

Mark Kozelek: "I yelled at Tom Cruise about 20 times"
By Yo Zushi - 08 August 13:44

The Sun Kil Moon frontman talks to Yo Zushi about two decades on the road, his new album and why he finds Britain "very depressing".

Robert Hughes dies, aged 74
By Emma Geen - 07 August 18:23

Robert Hughes, the lauded art critic, writer and television documentary maker, has died.

Reviews Round-Up
By admin - 06 August 18:33

The critics’ verdicts on Lois Banner, Tom Williams and Nell Freudenberger.

New Statesman
The Olympics through the lens
By Rebecca McClelland - 03 August 15:44

London launched a rich variety of Olympic photography exhibitions last week.

Evan Parker
The Friday Arts Diary
By New Statesman - 03 August 11:45

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

Gilbey on Film: The Sight & Sound Poll
By Ryan Gilbey - 02 August 10:34

Modern cinema makes a paltry showing in the Sight & Sound poll of the greatest films of all time.

Jonah Lehrer's true lies
By Yo Zushi - 01 August 10:29

So he made up some Bob Dylan quotes. Does the science writer deserve another chance?

Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi
Weaving a World
By En Liang Khong - 31 July 12:52

Sudanese poet Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi talks about how creative translation can be a powerful force for dialogue.

Battle of Tsushima
Reviews Round-Up
By New Statesman - 30 July 15:18

The critics’ verdicts on Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson, Pankaj Mishra and Kirsty Gunn.

London Olympics
Gilbey on Film: A Cinematic Olympics
By Ryan Gilbey - 30 July 12:13

Cinema's presence at the London Olympics stretches beyond the spectacle of Danny Boyle's opening ceremony.

The Olympic opening ceremony
Charmingly incoherent
By En Liang Khong - 28 July 16:38

An opening ceremony for a "self-analysing" people.

Niall Ferguson
Damp squid: the fall of Niall Ferguson
By Christopher Harvie - 28 July 11:13

The Scots-American we can do without.

Back to the soil
By Yo Zushi - 28 July 10:42

The Simpsons, Woody Guthrie, Gone with the Wind and Neil Young – and what they tell us about America's obsession with its land.

Red Desert
Red Desert – review
By Celluloid Liberation Front - 27 July 17:30

Antonioni's 1964 film depicts a familiar landscape.

Alfred Hitchcock
The Friday Arts Diary
By New Statesman - 27 July 10:12

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria
Revolt in Syria by Stephen Starr - review
By Tam Hussein - 26 July 12:58

Revolt in Syria: Eye-Witness to the Uprising

By Stephen Starr

C Hurst & Co, 232pp, £14.99

In the Critics this week
By New Statesman - 26 July 12:49

Richard Mabey on summer, Leo Hollis on London’s tech transformation, Will Hutton on a new kind of capitalism and Toby Litt on Elizabeth Fraser.

Hilary Mantel
Man Booker Prize longlist announced
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 25 July 16:17

For the most part, the judges have ignored the big names.

William Shakespeare
Shakespeare: Staging the world - review
By Gina Allum - 24 July 12:50

An exhibition at the British Museum celebrates our greatest playwright.

Pitchfork Music Festival
The pernicious rise of “indie-classical”
By En Liang Khong - 23 July 14:16

If you think classical music is snobbish, just take a look at indie culture.

Herbert von Karajan
Reviews Round-Up
By New Statesman - 23 July 12:40

The critics’ verdicts on Peter Beinart, Tom Service and Dana Spiotta.

George Bernard Shaw
The Shavian moment
By Daniel Janes - 20 July 18:39

Why are there so many George Bernard Shaw revivals?

The Olympic Stadium
The art of losing isn't hard to master
By William Sieghart - 20 July 18:28

Poetry and Olympic values.

Rules of Attraction
Gilbey on Film: Adapting Bret Easton Ellis for the screen
By Ryan Gilbey - 20 July 18:09

Director Paul Schrader has started shooting "The Canyons" with an original screenplay by Bret Easton Ellis.

Tate Modern
The Friday Arts Diary
By New Statesman - 20 July 11:56

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

Dame Kelly Holmes at Royal Festival Hall
National Portrait Gallery adds Dame Kelly Holmes to its contemporary idols
By Anna Lezard - 19 July 16:48

Dame Kelly joins the "heroes" in the NPG's range of celebrities.

In the Critics this week
By New Statesman - 19 July 12:55

Geoffrey Wheatcroft on the crisis of Zionism, Stuart Maconie on the Smiths, Helen Lewis on Fifty Shades, Kate Mossman on pop music's nerds and John Sutherland on English studies.

Obi Abili at the Criterion theatre
Actors over athletes
By Anna Lezard - 18 July 11:35

Beneath the Cultural Olympiad, the Criterion theatre will show the funny side of the Olympics in two new plays.

Durham miners
The miners’ hymns
By En Liang Khong - 17 July 16:43

Ed Miliband’s appearance at The Durham Miners’ Gala tapped into a powerful seam of social solidarity.