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Image of C P Snow and Pamela Johnson walking out of a Cambridge chapel
The Two Cultures
By C P Snow - 02 January 14:05

C P Snow’s epochal essay published online for the first time.

Behind the scenes of Tom Humberstone's "In the Frame" comic
By Tom Humberstone - 02 January 13:27

A look at the process that produces the NS's weekly observational comic.

Comics review: Marc Ellerby's Ellerbisms
By Alex Hern - 29 December 9:54

A comic strip that began life with few pretensions.

In the Frame: Journey to Mars
By Tom Humberstone - 28 December 11:44

A comic examining the great discoveries of 2012, with words by Robin Ince and pictures by Tom Humberstone.

Peter Barnes
Against modern football
By Macca - 24 December 14:52

New fanzines give voice to fans tired of being taken for granted.

James Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life
The best movies on TV this Christmas
By Philip Maughan - 21 December 13:27

Our guide to the season's cinematic offerings

Dyland Thomas
Dylan Thomas reads TS Eliot NS parody
By Philip Maughan - 18 December 12:02

“As we get older, we do not get any younger”

David Foster Wallace
Reviews round-up
By new-statesman - 17 December 15:54

The critics' verdicts on David Foster Wallace, Roberto Calasso's Baudelaire and Nick Barratt's history of London's suburbs.

Review: Windowpane
By Alex Hern - 16 December 9:06

A comic book which looks like nothing else on shelves at the moment.

New Statesman
Friday Arts Diary
By new-statesman - 14 December 16:26

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

Ben Whishaw as The Hour's Freddie Lyon.
The Hour: series 2, episode 6
By Caroline Crampton - 14 December 12:30

An ending both satisfactory and unsatisfactory.

The lovely mafia of British comics
By Hannah Berry - 14 December 12:00

Hannah Berry is happy to be a British comics creator, even if she's not Respectable just yet…

New Statesman
"Dr" Morrissey accuses Kate Middleton of faking her illness
By Rob Pollard - 14 December 9:36

The former Smiths frontman doesn't like the Royals, does like conspiracy theories.

The British are coming (again)
By James Hunt - 13 December 18:12

For British comics week, we'll be looking at a pair of creators from a different tradition each day. Today: James Hunt on Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

The Nobrow HQ, drawn by Luke Pearson.
Why we're banging on about comics so much
By Hayley Campbell - 13 December 10:06

The death and rebirth of British comics.

Raymond Domenech
In the Critics this week
By new-statesman - 13 December 9:59

Simon Kuper on Raymond Domenech, Chris Mullin on Simon Hoggart, Val McDermid interviewed and Kate Mossman on Scott Walker.

Hannah Tointon as Soho dancer Kiki DeLaine
The Hour: series 2, episode 5
By Caroline Crampton - 13 December 8:00

“Cut you to your core, you’ll find news running through your spine.”

New Statesman
Ravi Shankar: 1920-2012
By Raziye Akkoc - 12 December 17:45

The world famous sitar player and composer dies at the age of 92.

British Comics Week: Small press, big talent
By Michael Leader - 12 December 16:25

For British comics week, we'll be looking at a pair of creators from a different tradition each day. Today: Michael Leader introduces Philippa Rice and Luke Pearson.

In the Frame: Tall Order
By Tom Humberstone - 12 December 12:48

Tom Humberstone's comic this week reports on the UK Uncut protest.

Bodleian Library
We shouldn't play fast and loose with intellectual property
By Richard Mollet - 12 December 12:25

Copyright reform needs to be handled carefully.

Kids Read Comics: a popular revival
By Laura Sneddon - 12 December 10:45

"Comics aren't for kids anymore!" is a tired cliché: what about the comics which really are for kids? Laura Sneddon writes about the strengths of all-ages comics for British Comics Week.

New Statesman
Reviews Round-up
By new-statesman - 11 December 17:05

The critics' verdicts on Monisha Rajesh, Chris Anderson and Diana Souhami.

Roy of the Rovers takes a pass.
The rise and fall of the great British football comic
By Seb Patrick - 11 December 15:49

Will there ever be room for another Roy of the Rovers?

2000 AD: A British institution
By Colin A. Smith - 11 December 10:22

For British comics week, we'll be looking at a pair of creators from a different tradition each day. Today: Colin Smith speaks to Al Ewing and Henry Flint.

A panel from Fransman's work for the New Statesman.
Can comics journalism bootstrap its way to success?
By Alex Hern - 10 December 18:50

For British comics week, we'll be looking at a pair of creators from a different tradition each day. Today: Karrie Fransman and Tom Humberstone

The review of the Hobbit, from a 1937 edition of the New Statesman.
"Adults of all ages! Unite against the infantilist invasion."
By New Statesman - 10 December 13:36

The New Statesman's original reviews of The Hobbit and The Two Towers.

New Statesman
Review - The Fourth Plinth: Contemporary Monument
By Charlotte Simmonds - 07 December 17:34

It's courted controversy in the past, but the ICA’s new show makes a stand for the Plinth’s cultural significance.

A week of British comics at the New Statesman
By Alex Hern - 07 December 17:00

Introducing our themed week on the NS blogs.