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A Cycle of Violence by Grayson Perry
Psycho-sexual self help with a side order of violence
By Charlotte Simmonds - 20 November 10:52

Grayson Perry’s graphic novel is introspection at its most terrifyingly candid.

Sebastian Coe
Reviews round-up
By new-statesman - 19 November 15:43

The critics' verdicts on Seb Coe, Oliver Sacks and Sara Maitland

Kevin Cummins, self portrait.
Kevin Cummins interview: "There were right-wingers in the arts, with Rod Stewart and Phil Collins and all those Thatcherites."
By Rob Pollard - 19 November 14:01

Rob Pollard interviews one of the world’s most renowned music photographers.

Slavoj Žižek keeps socks in his kitchen
By Caroline Crampton - 18 November 10:15

A tour of the Slovenian philosopher's unusual apartment.

Gianfranco Ravasi
The cardinal of culture
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 16 November 14:48

A senior Vatican official's decidedly unconservative approach to art.

A Bigger Splash
The Friday Arts Diary
By new-statesman - 16 November 14:30

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

New Statesman
Investment Art: A Beginner's Guide
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 16 November 10:51

Forget your shares portfolio - the recession-dodging art market is increasingly proving to be the most profitable place for high-stakes investment

Fingers prodding devices at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Is Waterstones eating itself?
By Philip Maughan - 15 November 16:45

What good is an e-reader, without anything good to e-read?

New Statesman
In the Frame: Nadine Dorries in the jungle
By Tom Humberstone - 15 November 15:58

Tom Humberstone's observational comic for the New Statesman.

Orhan Pamuk
In the Critics this week
By new-statesman - 15 November 9:59

Ed Smith on Shane Warne, Orhan Pamuk interviewed and Helen Lewis on video games.

Dominic West as Hector Madden, The Hour's presenter.
The Hour: series 2, episode 1
By Caroline Crampton - 15 November 8:57

The BBC drama about a BBC news programme is back, and it's never felt more relevant.

Two singers singing at a microphone during a recording session
Ninety years of BBC radio – listening back through time
By Caroline Crampton - 14 November 16:04

On 14 November 1922, the first ever BBC radio broadcast went out. At troubled time for the corporation, remind yourself of all the great things it has done in the last 90 years.

Two women listening to the radio on the beach
G D H Cole in 1927: “Whatever the BBC does is, of course, wrong.”
By Philip Maughan - 14 November 12:35

The Beeb has always been a space for debate on culture, ethics and standards.

Haifaa Al Mansour
The image-less kingdom
By Celluloid Liberation Front - 13 November 17:16

Film is helping to demystify Saudi Arabia.

New Statesman
A Village Romeo and Juliet: Review
By Alexandra Coghlan - 13 November 10:26

Alexandra Coghlan gives her verdict on this year's Wexford Festival Opera

In the Frame: Friendly bacteria
By Tom Humberstone - 13 November 10:19

Tom Humberstone's observational comic strip for the New Statesman.

Alice Munro
Reviews Round-Up
By new-statesman - 12 November 18:10

The critic's verdicts on Nate Silver, Alice Munro and Ben Thompson's Mary Whitehouse biography

Roth and Obama
Philip Roth calls time on his literary career
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 10 November 13:16

The American novelist announces that Nemesis is his final novel.

Herbie Hancock
Friday Arts Diary
By new-statesman - 09 November 17:39

Our cultural picks for the week ahead

Michael Peña
Gilbey on Film: An interview with Michael Peña
By Ryan Gilbey - 09 November 10:31

The American actor is finally a leading man.

Michael Jackson
In the Critics this week
By new-statesman - 08 November 11:17

Terry Eagleton on Roger Scruton, Kate Mossman on Michael Jackson and Anne Applebaum interviewed.

Wind Map still
Disaster art
By Jonathan Socrates - 07 November 15:57

The emergence of a trend.

Albert Camus reading a newspaper
Albert Camus: A conscience with a style
By V S Pritchett - 07 November 15:41

Today is the anniversary of Camus's birth. In a piece from the archive, V S Pritchett reflects on his death.

In the Frame: Metaman
By Tom Humberstone - 07 November 10:11

Tom Humberstone's observational comic strip for the New Statesman.

New Statesman
Tower Hamlets cashes in on Henry Moore, art world up in arms
By Charlotte Simmonds - 05 November 17:05

If the looming sale of Draped Seated Woman proves anything, it's that we can't have it all.

Ian Rankin
Reviews Round-Up
By new-statesman - 05 November 12:37

The critics’ verdicts on Brian Sewell, Ian Rankin and Chinua Achebe.

Bedding In
Bedding In: An interview with Liz Crow
By Jonathan Socrates - 02 November 16:13

In response to the coalition's benefits overhaul, Liz Crow is Bedding In.

The Day of the Dead
The Friday Arts Diary
By new-statesman - 02 November 15:12

Our cultural picks for the week ahead

Allen Lane holding a copy of Lady Chattlerley's Lover
Lady Chatterley triumphant
By Philip Maughan - 02 November 11:33

Fifty-two years ago Lady Chatterley's Lover beat the obscenity trial against it. Here's what the NS had to say.

George Lucas
Gilbey on Film: Disney saves Star Wars from its creator
By Ryan Gilbey - 02 November 10:47

George Lucas was always the franchise's worst enemy.