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In the Critics this week
By Staff blogger - 03 March 14:56

Jonathan Powell on Donald Rumsfeld, Fiona Millar on Katharine Birbalsingh and Jane Shilling on the a

Michael Chanan's video blog: The View from Abroad
By Staff blogger - 02 March 15:53

FILM: the economic crisis, as seen from Argentina.

Suze Rotolo, 1943-2011
By Anna Winter - 02 March 12:46

Bob Dylan's muse and the memory of young love.

Gilbey on Film: Hollow men
By Ryan Gilbey - 01 March 11:39

No wonder David Cameron likes The King's Speech.

Reviews Round-up
By Staff blogger - 28 February 14:38

The critics' verdicts on David McKie, Stuart Evers and Hisham Matar.

The Oscars: in pictures
By New Statesman - 28 February 11:17

The King's Speech picks up four gongs, including best actor, best film, and best director.

Choose Darwin over Dickens
By Robin Ince - 27 February 12:31

Why are arts graduates so proud to be ignorant of science?

Notes in the Margin: Free the word
By Dan Hancox - 26 February 12:51

Radical publishers need to become more responsive to the pace of modern protest.

The Friday Arts Diary
By Staff blogger - 25 February 11:46

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

In the Critics this week.
By Staff blogger - 24 February 15:39

The British takeover of the Oscars, Elizabeth Moss and the problem of W H Auden.

Richard Thomas's mastery of the mock-heroic
By Gina Allum - 24 February 11:40

The librettist finds a kind of poetry in footwear.

Simon Callow wins Sheridan Morley Prize for Theatre Biography
By Susannah Butter and Victoria Mitchell - 23 February 13:28

Actor's "elegy" to the theatre wins independent award.

Fatherland at the Gate theatre
By Anna Winter - 23 February 12:56

A play about incestuous love is subtle and shocking.

The Books Interview: Dinaw Mengestu
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 22 February 16:40

The American novelist talks about his voyage into the eastern Congo.

Michael Chanan's video blog: We Will not Pay
By Staff blogger - 22 February 13:07

FILM: Josie Long and Mehdi Hasan, plus UK Uncut take on Barclays Bank.

Gilbey on Film: Interview with Jacki Weaver
By Ryan Gilbey - 22 February 11:38

The NS's film critic talks to the star of Animal Kingdom.

Reviews Round-up
By Staff blogger - 21 February 15:14

The critics' verdicts on Annie Proulx, an anti-internet polemic and the tale of Lucie Blackman.

Opera review: Anna Nicole
By Alexandra Coghlan - 18 February 17:31

Don't believe the hype.

In the archive with David Foster Wallace
By Graham Foster - 18 February 15:34

Wallace's papers aren't a wormhole into the writer's psyche.

The Friday Arts Diary
By Staff blogger - 18 February 11:44

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

In the Critics this week
By Staff blogger - 17 February 15:55

Jonathan Derbyshire on accessible philosophy, Lucy Eyre on Socrates and Raymond Tallis on the scienc

The Books Interview: Nicholas Humphrey
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 17 February 11:46

Solving the problem of consciousness.

Michael Chanan’s video blog: Teachers and Learners
By Staff blogger - 16 February 13:05

FILM: Lecturers go on strike in Bristol.

Hunting for happiness
By Anna Winter - 16 February 12:46

Patrick Hamilton is honoured with a blue plaque.

Gilbey on Film: shady Elaine
By Ryan Gilbey - 15 February 14:53

The greatest Hollywood star you’ve never heard of.

Reviews Round-up
By Staff blogger - 14 February 14:00

The critics' verdicts on Britain's "edgelands", Donald Rumsfeld and Nicole Krauss.

Bafta winners: in pictures
By New Statesman - 14 February 11:08

The King's Speech was nominated in 14 categories and won in seven, including best film and best Brit

Tenth World Press Photo award for Jodi Bieber
By Victoria Mitchell - 11 February 17:35

Portrait for Time Magazine is named photo of 2010.

The Olympic Stadium fiasco
By Tim Abrahams - 11 February 16:13

West Ham will be moving into a bizarre folly.