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The new Lara Croft.
A psycho-killer with puppy dog eyes: why the new Lara Croft doesn't work
By Phil Hartup - 07 March 13:26

What Crystal Dynamics have attempted with the Tomb Raider is about as convincing a character study of a reluctant hero as painting a frowny face on the front of a tank.

Power to the crafts
By Aisha Gani - 07 March 10:57

What happens when craftivism meets spirituality?

Justin Bieber
In the Critics this week
By new-statesman - 07 March 9:56

Paul Morley travels on the Tube, Richard Overy on David Cannadine, Kate Mossman on Justin Bieber and much more.

Yang Ya-Che
Asia in the movies
By Surabhi Khanna - 05 March 18:04

The 2013 Pan-Asia Film Festival.

A painting of King Richard III by an unknown artist
New evidence: Was Richard III guilty of murdering the Princes in the Tower?
By Amy Licence - 05 March 9:23

Records in Canterbury could hold a clue to the king’s role in his nephews’ demise.

New Statesman
Reviews Round-up
By new-statesman - 04 March 18:12

The critics' verdicts on Jaron Lanier, Michael Axworthy and Jane Dunn.

New Statesman
Picture Book of the Week: Short Stalks at Distant Shores - Imaging Post-Soviet Space
By new-statesman - 04 March 16:48

Documenting decay in the former Eastern Bloc.

A flute as magic as they come
By Alexandra Coghlan - 04 March 12:48

A bold rewriting of Mozart's opera is a slow-burning charmer

New Statesman
Friday Arts Diary
By new-statesman - 01 March 16:26

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

In the Frame: The Osborne Supremacy
By Tom Humberstone - 01 March 8:05

Tom Humberstone's observational comic for the New Statesman.

Shalom Auslander
Shalom Auslander wins 2013 Wingate Prize
By Philip Maughan - 28 February 13:17

"God-wise, I'm kinda fucked".

An iBooks book.
The future of the book shouldn’t be skeuomorphic
By Tom Abba - 28 February 12:32

We should replace books with something different and better, writes Tom Abba.

New Statesman
In the Critics this week
By new-statesman - 28 February 11:54

John Gray on capitalism's future, Ryan Gilbery on Stoker, Leo Robson on Coetzee and Crace, and much more.

A still from the film Lore.
Cinema on demand: the top five places to watch new films online
By Philip Maughan - 26 February 13:35

Cinema is dead, long live cinema!

New Statesman
Watch: David Bowie’s "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"
By Charlotte Simmonds - 26 February 13:31

Bowie releases second song in his mythical comeback with a video starring Tilda Swinton.

Deborah Levy
Reviews round-up
By new-statesman - 25 February 18:00

The critics' verdicts on Deborah Levy, Maggie O' Farrell and Harry Wallop.

Tonia Sotiropoulou as Gilda in Future Cinema's The Shawshank Redemption
Introducing Tonia Sotiropoulou
By Jonathan Socrates - 25 February 16:23

An interview with the Greek actress.

New Statesman
Watch: Fresh Guacamole by PES
By Charlotte Simmonds - 25 February 14:48

The shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

The 2013 Oscars: full list of winners and nominees
By New Statesman - 25 February 8:38

A great night for Argo, Daniel Day-Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Ang Lee.

New Statesman
By Alex Hern - 24 February 13:57

A strong debut with a compelling style somehow fails to nail the pacing.

“Ghost Stories”: The ubiquitous anti-feminism of young adult romances
By Tara Isabella Burton - 24 February 12:46

Teenage girls are being told that romantic desirability is the proof of, and the reward for, individual worth.

New Statesman
Friday Arts Diary
By new-statesman - 22 February 13:37

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.

New Statesman
Picture Book of the Week: Twilight of the Romanovs
By new-statesman - 22 February 12:41

A photographic essay across imperial Russia.

New Statesman
In the Frame: Oscar Buzz
By Tom Humberstone - 22 February 10:36

Tom Humberstone's weekly observational comic strip for the New Statesman.

New Statesman
Aliens: Colonial Marines is an Uwe Boll film in reverse
By Phil Hartup - 22 February 10:32

…and it will probably kill Gearbox as a result.

A screen capture from the film Mea Maxima Culpa
Did a documentary film force the Pope to resign?
By Philip Maughan - 21 February 16:34

Reviewed: Mea Maxima Culpa.

Downton Abbey
In the Critics this week
By new-statesman - 21 February 9:47

Adam Kirsch on stalking, Richard Mabey on urban nature, David Herman on TV nostalgia and much more.

Portrait of Joe Wright
Reviewed: Joe Wright’s “Trelawny of the Wells”
By Philip Maughan - 20 February 13:18

Theatre itself takes centre stage in “Atonement” director’s first play.

Hilary Mantel. Portrait by Leonie Hampton for the New Statesman
Hilary Mantel's precise, unkind words have been twisted into a "venomous" attack on Kate
By Sarah Ditum - 19 February 8:48

If it's Team Mantel or Team Middleton, Sarah Ditum knows which side she's on...