Critical support

I wonder if Kevin Maguire ("Why can't they be grateful", 29 January) actually read your interview with me the previous week, or just the somewhat hysterical reports of it in the Mail and the Telegraph. If he did read the original, he should be in no doubt that I am absolutely delighted to have a Labour government in office at long last, and that I fully support most of the things it has done.

That is not to say that I, or the Transport and General Workers' Union, are going to suspend our critical faculties until the next election. If we think proposed legislation could be improved, we will say so.

So I make no apology for my comments about the Fairness at Work legislation. Certainly, it will be a big improvement on the Tories' legacy, but I hope we have not yet been reduced to judging labour laws by Tory standards. No less an authority than Tony Blair has told us that the new legislation will leave the UK with the most restrictive labour laws in Europe. Am I supposed to throw a party in celebration?

Bill Morris, General Secretary, T&G
London SW1

This article first appeared in the 05 February 1999 issue of the New Statesman, The New Statesman Essay - Think, think and think again