The New Statesman Century: Volume Two, 1913-2013

This special edition of the New Statesman is available to order here. Alternatively, to order multiple copies contact Stephen Brasher by email or on +44 0207 936 6459.


The second part of our special set of collectors’ editions of the New Statesman is now available to order. This perfect-bound, 148-page issue features the best interview, profiles and encounters from the New Statesman’s first one-hundred years. Featuring contributions from James Joyce, Angela Carter, Rebecca West, Conor Cruise O’Brien and Christopher Isherwood, this anthology collects the most intimate, personal, biographical writing produced by the magazine.

The special issue also features 20 new interviews with some of the most interesting thinkers from the worlds of art, science and politics today. The author Alain de Botton, fertility expert Robert Winston, psychotherapist Susie Orbach, Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, Vince Cable, scientists Paul Nurse and Susan Greenfield, sculptor Antony Gormley, and MP Stella Creasy are just some of the figures who share their perspective on the past century (from most important invention to favourite speech) as well as their hopes and fears for the next 100 years.

Historically significant reprints including:

  • Christopher Hitchens’s withering 1979 profile of Prince Charles, “A Man Born to Be”
  • Kingsley Martin on “the Menace of Beatlism” in 1964
  • Auberon Waugh on his father’s diaries, originally published in 1973: “The short answer to those who complain that the diaries, as published, make my father out to be an extremely unpleasant person is that this has always been a fairly widely held point of view”
  • John Berger on Picasso
  • Brian Glanville’s interview with Malcolm X in Chicago in 1964, a year before his assassination: “We’re not opposed to violence, we’re opposed to brutality”
  • Interview and profiles of world leaders by some of Britain’s finest political journalists: Tony Blair, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill
  • Philip Larkin on the “addictive excitement” of a public library
  • A letter from the late Seamus Heaney in Belfast at the height of the Troubles, shortly before he moved to Dublin
  • Gore Vidal on Cecil Beaton
  • An early excerpt from Christopher Isherwood’s diaries as he travelled around China with W H Auden

Plus contributions from: James Joyce, Paul Johnson, Rebecca West, Virginia Woolf, John Freeman, Suzanne Moore, Nora Sayre, Laurie Penny, Brian Glanville, G B Shaw, Tony Howard, James Fenton, Will Self, Jemima Kahn, Stephen Spender, Malcolm Muggeridge, John Pilger, V S Pritchett, Mary Riddell, John Kenneth Galbraith, Conor Cruise O’Brien, Auberon Waugh. With poetry from Bertolt Brecht, Philip Larkin, Seamus Heaney, W H Auden, Clive James and Chairman Mao.

The issue is a beautiful collector’s piece with exclusive foil-backed cover artwork by Martina Flor/Handsome Frank Agency and classic images and cartoons from the last 100 years printed throughout. For more information and to order The New Statesman Century visit: or call +44 0207 936 6459.

Praise for Volume I of Century:
“There is some amazing material here: Orwell, HG Wells interviewing Stalin, JM Keynes, Bertrand Russell, EM Forster, JB Priestley, DH Lawrence, VS Pritchett, CP Snow, TS Eliot (so many initials then!). But my favourite nugget is in a 1933 profile of the early Adolf Hitler.”

Simon Hoggart, politicial sketchwriter, The Guardian

Volume One

The first volume of the New Statesman Century is still available. Click here to order a copy. To order multiple copies contact Stephen Brasher by email or on 44 0207 936 6459.

The New Statesman Century celebrates one hundred years of the finest cultural and political commentary written in the English-speaking world.

This perfect-bound, 244-page collector’s edition of the magazine brings together a selection of work from former New Statesman contributors including George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Woolf, Edward Said, Rebecca West and Julian Barnes.

The anthology will include exclusive reprints of historically significant pieces including:

  • H G Wells’s notorious interview with Joseph Stalin reprinted from 1934 when Wells was president of the international PEN Club.
  • Bertrand Russell’s open letter to General Eisenhower and Nikita Khrushchev at the height of the Cold War, which received astonishing replies from both.
  • J B Priestley’s “Britain and the Nuclear Bombs” – the furious article which launched the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND).
  • C P Snow’s epochal “Two Cultures” essay which lamented the lack of understanding between the sciences and humanities.
  • Christopher Hitchens’s final interview in December 2011, conducted by fellow “New Atheist” Richard Dawkins in Texas.
  • Hugh Grant’s “The Bugger, Bugged” – a world exclusive in which the film star secretly records former News of the World journalist Paul McMullan discussing phone-hacking and David Cameron’s relationship with the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks.

Plus: an uncollected letter from Joseph Conrad, D H Lawrence forseeing the rise of Nazism in early Thirties Germany, the NS's controversial Leader column following the 9/11 attacks in New York, George Orwell on London’s poor, Eric Hobsbawm at a Bob Dylan concert in 1964, Julian Barnes on the 1980 Olympics as well as literary criticism, reportage and interviews from:

Leonard Woolf, Stephen Grey, James Fenton, Nora Sayre, John Maynard Keynes, Claud Cockburn, Kingsley Martin, Arthur Koestler, Rowan Williams, Christabel Pankhurst, Paul Robeson, Tom Harrison, E M Forster, Naomi Klein, George Orwell, Gabriel García Márquez, Rebecca West, V S Pritchett, Norman Mackenzie, Frank Kermode, Claire Tomalin, Gore Vidal, T S Eliot, Desmond MacCarthy, Graham Greene, John Berger, Paul Johnson, Reyner Banham, Ian McEwan, Terry Eagleton, Malcolm Muggeridge, Hilaire Belloc, Bernard Levin, Martin Amis and others.