What a £26,400 cricket ball tells us about our mania for sport
By Martin Cloake - 19 December 16:20

The ball that cricketing legend Sir Garry Sobers smashed for six sixes in one over at St Helen's in 1968 was sold at Christie's in 2006 - only, it turned out to be the wrong ball.

The bosses’ boss: the head of the Institute of Directors
By Sophie McBain - 19 December 13:02

Simon Walker is an anti-apartheid campaigner turned free-market evangelist.

Vince Cable.
Business is broken - and better communication is the way to fix it
By Christian Lanng - 12 December 15:31

New research reveals that over half of new businesses used personal credit cards to get off the ground - as lending to new SMEs tumbles by £400 million in a single month.

World Islamic Economic Forum.
The continued rise of Islamic finance in the UK
By Nigel Knowles - 11 December 11:25

Despite the clear political will for the UK to become an Islamic finance hub, there are steep political challenges ahead.

New Statesman
How Lufsig the cuddly wolf became a Hong Kong protest symbol
By Sophie McBain - 10 December 15:34

A short lesson in the art of mistranslating names into Chinese.

Five questions answered on technology firm requests for US surveillance reform
By Heidi Vella - 09 December 13:13

Technology corporations are petitioning the US government to change their strategy on surveillance and allow the companies to disclose the quantity of requests that they are forced to cooperate with.

What would an independent Scotland look like?
By Stewart Cowley - 05 December 11:32

I want to imagine that independence could be a success - but grubby, difficult questions about money, jobs and services are not going away.

Danny Alexander.
Five questions answered on the UK governments’ infrastructure plans
By Heidi Vella - 04 December 13:15

After Danny Alexander admitted to underspending on infrastructure over several decades, just how much do they expect to spend?

George Osborne.
Osborne and Carney should enjoy their day in the sun
By Nick Beecroft - 04 December 12:59

The UK fast becoming a stand-out developed economy performer. Growth is heading into 2014 at a healthy 3 to 4 per cent, even in the face of Osborne’s austerity.

The Lowry.
The Lowry is proof that investing in the arts is a catalyst to regeneration
By Julia Fawcett - 03 December 11:07

Conceived around the millennium, The Lowry has brought life to Salford Quays – providing a cornerstone for £1.4bn of investment and proving that regeneration through the arts does work.

British Library.
Digitising copyrighted film, books and music is probably going to become legal - it's about time
By Roly Keating - 02 December 12:52

On 5 December the House of Lords will debate proposals to modernise copyright law for the digital age. If carefully implemented, it will benefit researchers, institutions and creatives alike.

New Statesman
The weakening of BIT protection is bad for business
By Elizabeth Stephens - 29 November 10:39

Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) are an important safeguard for investors.

New Statesman
Is this the death of Apple?
By Bryan Appleyard - 28 November 5:28

Steve Jobs’s creation, long thought to be the smartest company in the world, is in danger of falling behind Google and Facebook in the race to be the internet platform of the future.

Earth Hour.
Sustainability and business - how many planets are enough?
By Richard Spencer - 27 November 12:01

For boards, climate change needs to be made meaningful not in terms of “did we do a good thing”, but in terms of “what are the dangers and opportunities this company faces in the years ahead?”.

QE is distorting the financial system - it needs to stop, now
By Stewart Cowley - 27 November 10:43

There is good evidence to show that banks, stuffed with cash, are helping feed the rising stock markets.

Dick Costolo.
The online advertising sector has proved resilient - and it’s only going to get stronger
By Rupert Staines - 26 November 15:37

Facebook has used advertising to turn its fortunes around - the question, now, is how the industry can keep pace and keep growing.

New Statesman
Eight companies where executives are paid 1000 times more than employees
By Sophie McBain - 25 November 15:17

Research by Bloomberg reveals the extent of the pay gap between executives and employees at 250 companies.

Six questions answered on Samsung’s $290m payout to Apple
By Heidi Vella - 25 November 11:22

What features are Samsung ruled to have copied?

Glasgow Airport.
We've been ignoring the power of sound for far too long
By Graeme Harrison - 21 November 13:12

Graeme Harrison, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Biamp Systems, reports on the influence soundscapes can have on the health of individuals and the economy.

Bank of England.
Five questions answered on the Bank of England’s latest report
By Heidi Vella - 13 November 14:47

What is the Bank of England’s forecast for growth figures?

11 Tory moments they WISH could be wiped from the internet
By Ian Steadman - 13 November 13:33

The Conservative Party may be trying to destroy every one of its press releases and political speeches from the web, but there are things that can't be so easily deleted from our collective memories. Alas.

The European Central Bank is worried about inflation - shouldn't we be too?
By Nick Beecroft - 12 November 12:20

A monetary union without fiscal union, combined with the aftermath of a credit splurge and then vicious retrenchment, was always going to create austere conditions and unemployment - the end of which is deflation.

Nationalisation nostalgists should be careful what they wish for – they might just get it
By Stewart Cowley - 12 November 11:28

Russell Brand and Paris Lees are too young to remember what Nationalised industry was like - but I do.

FTSE 100.
The only constant in business is change – that is, unless you’re a male FTSE CEO
By Sean Farrington - 11 November 16:23

96 per cent of the FTSE 100 and 250 CEOs are male. On average, they are 46 years old, and attended either Oxford or Cambridge. But does this mean the business world isn't changing at all?

Five questions answered on airline Flybe’s plan to slash 500 jobs
By Heidi Vella - 11 November 10:50

What has been the reaction to the job losses?

 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.
Gravity and Captain Phillips top the US box office
By Andrew Amoils - 07 November 17:58

While The Fifth Estate performs worse than hoped.

New Statesman
Is Ryanair starting to mind its manners?
By Sophie McBain - 07 November 13:10

A long-term shift in the industry could explain why Michael O'Leary's notoriously cavalier attitude toward his own customers is mellowing.

Barclays vs Dahabshiil: when a Somali money transfer company takes on a banking giant
By Sophie McBain - 06 November 13:43

The Somali money transfer service Dahabshiil has won an injunction against Barclays, which had been threatening to cut off services to the company.

Co-op Bank.
Five questions answered on the Co-op Bank’s plans to cut branches
By Heidi Vella - 04 November 13:18

How many stores is the Co-op Bank planning on closing?