How to shop without the hassle
By James Crabtree - 16 December 12:00

<strong>James Crabtree</strong> and <strong>William Davies</strong> find online retailers transformi

The business - Patrick Hosking would like a firefighter's pension
By Patrick Hosking - 09 December 12:00

The firefighters were right to call off their strike. When the public finds out how much their pensi

The business - Patrick Hosking thinks the bosses have a cheek
By Patrick Hosking - 02 December 12:00

How very cheeky of the employers to complain about the burden of Labour government taxes, when they

They talk of charity, but business is their best friend
By Gideon Burrows - 02 December 12:00

Perhaps more than any other industry, the "third sector" - charities, not-for-profit organisations, community groups and social businesses that now boast an annual income of nearly £16bn and well over 500,000 employees - should be the natural soulmate of a Labour government.

National parks, state schools and hospitals, laws against pollution: all could be under threat from the World Trade Organisation
By Nick Cohen - 02 December 12:00

Nick Cohen reveals the astonishing details of how a little-noticed international agreement could und

Going cold turkey in the shops
By Jules Evans - 02 December 12:00

Observations on Buy Nothing Day

The Business - Patrick Hosking cheers the defeat of McDonald's
By Patrick Hosking - 25 November 12:00

The chief executive of Cable & Wireless fell for the guff, gobbledegook and hype of the dotcom boom.

Bordeaux? Just sell it like Coke
By Adam Sage - 25 November 12:00

French wine, with its hundreds of varieties, doesn't suit the global market. Must it change?

Spirit of the mill owners lives on
By Robert Taylor - 25 November 12:00

Observations on British management

The business - Patrick Hosking finds the Bank wrong on house prices
By Patrick Hosking - 18 November 12:00

The Bank of England seems incapable of understanding the boom in house prices. Worse, it isn't warni

The business - Patrick Hosking finds that targets don’t work
By Patrick Hosking - 11 November 12:00

Targets are all the rage in industry as well as in government; but company bosses, at BP and elsewhe

Jeffrey Archer sells all
By Peter Watson - 11 November 12:00

Auctions - Peter Watson on how themed sales might save the art market from crashing

The business - Patrick Hosking laments a regulator's sloth
By Patrick Hosking - 04 November 12:00

Our Financial Services Authority seems to have no appetite for hunting scalps and nailing fraudsters

Warm words, cold deeds
By Stefan Stern - 04 November 12:00

Observations on corporate social responsibility

The business - Patrick Hosking hails the truthful businessman
By Patrick Hosking - 28 October 12:00

Let's applaud the new head of Abbey National for telling the truth about house prices: they are set

Ronald McDonald has a new friend
By John Kampfner - 28 October 12:00

Observations on corporate sponsorship

Can't regulate, won't regulate
By Nick Cohen - 21 October 13:00

Governments say they are powerless to control big business in an age of electronic dealing and globa

The business - Patrick Hosking thinks reporters aren't so lazy
By Patrick Hosking - 14 October 13:00

Dame Marjorie Scardino is wrong: the personality of the chief executive is a better guide to the cha

The business - Patrick Hosking recommends Tory wets on the board
By Patrick Hosking - 30 September 13:00

If you want your company to be a success, get a Tory wet on the board. But steer clear of the hanger

Where's the free bubbly gone?
By Mike Craven - 30 September 13:00

<em>Labour Party Conference</em> - Instead of holding swanky receptions in Blackpool this year, busi

The business - Patrick Hosking wonders if HMQ uses tax havens
By Patrick Hosking - 16 September 13:00

God and Mammon do not make a profitable partnership, as an Edinburgh bank discovered to its cost whe

Welcome to your local school, plc
By Francis Beckett - 16 September 13:00

Ministers want teachers to become entrepreneurs, and sell services to each other

Mark Thomas reveals shady business in Africa
By Mark Thomas - 16 September 13:00

Why are we using taxpayers' money to arm dictators and to back projects that destroy the environment

NS Interview - John Monks
By John Monks - 09 September 13:00

The head of the TUC speaks out against war in Iraq and issues a veiled warning to Blair that he face

How tragedy damages a brand
By Johann Hari - 09 September 13:00

Observations on marketing

Let us now praise President Bush
By Nick Cohen - 09 September 13:00

A new American law would stop companies defrauding pensioners. But Blair is lobbying Washington for

Brits lead the workers of the world
By Robert Taylor - 09 September 13:00

John Monks, who will next year become the first Englishman to run the European Trade Union Confederation, is not the only British union leader performing on the world stage. More than half the international labour institutions are currently run by Brits.

Fear and loathing in Edinburgh
By Andrew Billen - 02 September 13:00

Television - Andrew Billen watches as the TV suits hold their annual exercise in self-justification

NS Essay - The science of inequality
By Mark Buchanan - 02 September 13:00

You always knew that the rich got richer through no merit of their own, didn't you? Now, with the ai

Now what? - Lauren Booth rages against a DIY superstore
By Lauren Booth - 26 August 13:00

I went shopping. Now I know why PPP won't work, and so does Jonathan Pryce