Applauding the return to economic growth is like celebrating the release of an innocent prisoner
By Dom Boyle - 10 February 16:46

Nobody doubted a return to growth under austerity was possible - but all the evidence suggests it has been hampered by George Osborne's radically anti-stimulus position.

Six questions answered on Centrica's share price fall after suggestions British Gas could be broken-up
By Heidi Vella - 10 February 12:36

Why is Ed Davey investigating British Gas’s profit margins?

Teachers are itching for a research-based approach - why don't we give it to them?
By Tony McAleavy - 07 February 17:42

There is a thriving social media community of teachers interested in the exchange of ideas about classroom effectiveness.

While Ukraine's political situation remains uncertain, its economy teeters on the brink
By Elizabeth Stephens - 07 February 15:50

If the political instability is not reined in soon enough, the currency will spiral out of control.

Strike or no strike, the Mayor of London needs more power
By Alexander Jan - 07 February 15:01

Greater fiscal freedom would allow the mayor to champion properly the interests of hard-pressed commuters and be held accountable for delivery.

Five questions answered on Bombardier’s contract to provide trains for Crossrail
By Heidi Vella - 07 February 12:51

How much is the Bombardier-Crossrail contract worth?

The 50p tax isn't going to greatly enrich the treasury - but private pensions will
By Stewart Cowley - 05 February 11:08

Ed Balls's 50p tax is nothing but theatrical politics - pay close attention to the Lifetime Allowance, the cap on pension funds, which has already been lowered and most likely will be again.

Economic progress won't delay the need to reform the legal services industry
By Nigel Knowles - 04 February 16:47

There are many systemic problems in the sector - too many lawyers, too many firms - and the financial upheaval of the past 5 years has done little to slow things down.

Consumers have accepted advertising online, but targeted mobile ads? Not so much
By Rupert Staines - 04 February 15:28

Mobile advertising has up to now relied upon massive campaigns with poor results. There is a belief you cannot intelligently advertise on mobile, but now more than ever, this is simply untrue.

Five questions answered on Lloyds’ announcement on increasing PPI provisions
By Heidi Vella - 04 February 13:01

Will it affect the groups’ profits?

Five questions answered on longest real wages drop for 50 years
By Heidi Vella - 31 January 13:42

How long have real wages been dropping?

Five questions answered on David Cameron’s pledge to reduce red tape for small businesses
By Heidi Vella - 27 January 13:24

Which rules and regulations does Cameron intend to amend or scrap?

Winners and losers: who took a step towards a sustainable future at Davos?
By Sally Uren - 27 January 13:10

One reason why Davos won’t deliver all our dreams is that there isn’t an honest enough conversation about winners and losers. Here are three of the best, and three of the worst types of people at the World Economic Forum.

Will the MINT countries become the best place in the world to become a millionaire?
By Oliver Williams - 24 January 17:32

Economist Jim O'Neil has grouped Mexico, India, Nigeria and Turkey together as the economies most likely to explode over the next decade. But there are lessons to be learned from the BRICs - a rising tide does not lift all boats.

When Twitter storms cause financial panic
By Vincent F Hendricks - 22 January 16:47

It seems that incorrect information, rumours, hoaxes and hearsays will inevitably bamboozle financial markets from time to time. The consequences appear frightening but some argue this sort of noise is actually necessary for trading.

Alistair Darling.
Pegging electoral success to the economy is a risky business - as Alex Salmond is finding out
By Stewart Cowley - 21 January 15:16

The emotive, victory-clutching style of the Yes campaign is at risk of floundering before the cool, hard realities presented by the UK Treasury.

The sale of oil and gas has been highly lucrative for Norway - but should it continue?
By Ruby Lott-Lavigna - 17 January 17:41

The Scandinavian giant has kept itself afloat amid economic turbulence with a steady flow of natural resources - but is this nature-loving nation prepared to promote growth at all costs?

The solution is under our noses: We need more cycling in Britain
By Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff - 16 January 16:59

Today 27 per cent of journeys in Holland are made by bike - while in Britain the figure is as low as 2 per cent. But cycling could help us achieve our 2050 carbon targets, and take the strain off the NHS.

The future of shale gas in the UK
By Mark Brierley - 13 January 17:57

The exponential growth in US shale gas production has been a boon for the country’s energy security over the past few years. Now the UK is looking to follow suit, with the government and big oil throwing their weight behind the dash for gas. But at what c

Fracking protest.
Five questions answered on new fracking tax incentive for councils
By Heidi Vella - 13 January 12:37

Why is the government offering an incentive for fracking?

Five questions answered on December’s record online shopping figures
By Heidi Vella - 10 January 10:51

What caused the boom in online sales?

Five questions answered on Tesco’s and Morrisons’ Christmas sales slide
By Heidi Vella - 09 January 15:01

Why did supermarket sales take a hit?

Janet Yellen.
What Janet Yellen and Mark Carney could learn from macroeconomist Hyman Minsky
By Stewart Cowley - 08 January 12:16

Gordon Brown, as Chancellor in the UK, and the Federal Reserve’s Alan Greenspan, notably, violated Minsky’s ideas - what will the new twin peaks of global finance do differently?

Work on power cables.
Five questions answered on Scottish Power’s latest price cuts
By Heidi Vella - 06 January 16:12

By how much is Scottish Power cutting its prices?

Budget airlines.
The future of finance - as imagined by Ryanair
By Giles Andrews - 03 January 18:32

No frills finance is taking off - and while many have an opinion on allocated seating, printing your own boarding pass and paying for food on-board, the model remains simple but thrilling.

Our economy would benefit from sending students to study abroad
By Luis Juste - 03 January 15:31

Britain reaps the benefits of welcoming overseas students to study in the UK - but internationalism works both ways. We should also be enabling UK students to study abroad.

Welcome to the programmatic revolution
By Rupert Staines - 02 January 11:30

Up to now brands have faced great difficulty in reaching customers across devices and mediums - but with the new range of data available, real-time bidding and a programmatic approach, 2014 might be advertising's "big bang" year.

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and Angela Merkel.
A look ahead to 2014: The question of stability in Mali and Nigeria
By Elizabeth Stephens - 20 December 17:27

The link between the state and organised crime must be addressed if the process of rebuilding a unified Mali and countering Islamic militants is to succeed.

Spring fires in California.
Climate change isn't an issue for politicians alone - it's time for businesses and the legal profession to step up
By Nigel Knowles - 20 December 16:35

Lawyers have a significant role not just in advising on incoming energy and climate regulation, but also in developing new structures and precedents, and in advising on new aspects of corporate governance and risk management.