Keep it foolish: London’s “cool” has built an economy around tech-savvy young people. Photo: Wayne Tippetts/Rex

Most of us rolled our eyes at the invasion of hipsters, but the “Flat White Economy” is flourishing.


Atop the Acropolis in Athens. Photo: Milos Bicanski/Getty Images
Economics blog | By New Statesman - 30 Jun 2015

The Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has made a dramatic bid for a financial lifeline.

Britain’s housing crisis is a peculiar sort of madness. Photo: Getty
Economics blog | By Pete May - 23 Apr 2015

Almost by accident I’ve become property rich, cash poor, and without producing

Double your cuts: the coalition is threatening to make a second round of cuts. Picture: Daniel Malka/Gallery Stock
Economics blog | By Simon Wren-Lewis - 22 Apr 2015

How did the coalition government manage to transform the media debate on

Photo: Fred Dufour
Economics blog | By Ryan Ormonde - 27 Mar 2015

Almost 700,000 people have a zero-hours contract for their main job, according to

Economics blog | By Diana Johnson - 20 Mar 2015

Inequality within the United Kingdom is growing - not just between people, but its

Economics blog | By May2015 - 19 Mar 2015

Today's headlines hide the most important, and least reassuring, fact in yesterday’


A bitcoin QR code. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Business blog | By Jan Skoyles - 30 Apr 2015

It could usurp the monetary system as we know it, but getting to grips with the

A woman underneath the EU flag. Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images
Business blog | By Bill Robinson - 27 Apr 2015

It might save money now, but leaving the EU could have consequences for businesses

People choose how to invest in their pensions due to a variety of factors. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News
Business blog | By Andrew Power - 20 Apr 2015

Where we invest is driven by a mix of personal preference, government incentives and

An Indian women minding her stall. Photo: Getty
Business blog | By Phil Caroe - 09 Apr 2015

Many of today’s investors want to see their money make a social difference, not just

Business blog | By Robert Corfe - 20 Mar 2015

It is not enough for Labour to assent to sound principles if it is not prepared to

The roundtable in process. Photo: DUNCAN SOAR
Business blog | By New Statesman - 18 Mar 2015

To critics business rates are complex, unfair and produce perverse incentives - to