Leroux & Lotz selects Ceva to manage tower transfer for Technip

The transport of the tower by road will start on 27 June.

On the move: Ceva’s project department will plan and design the transfer of tower

The industrial boilers installer Leroux & Lotz Technologies, a subsidiary of Altawest, has selected Ceva Logistics to design and manage the transfer of a 20-metre-high loading tower from its plant at Nantes to the port of Technip Flexi’s site in France. The tower, which is taller than a six-story building, will be assembled on an offshore oil ship owned by Technip.

Once lifted and propped, it will be towed by two tractors synchronised by an automatic transmission over a distance of 2.2 kilometres to the Port of Nantes.

The transport of the tower by road will start on 27 June and will involve approximately 30 people in total.

To deal with any contingency and secure this exceptional transport, an alternative route has been planned, as well as a diversion area to enable access for emergency vehicles.

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