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Facebook launches super application

Home will be available for download from 12 April.

Facebook has launched Home, a super application that places photos from the Facebook news feed on the home screen of Android phone and allows users to navigate photos, status updates and messages without launching a separate application.

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, said that the application would create a more social mobile experience for its broader community of users. He said: “Today our phones are designed around apps, not people. We want to flip that around.”

Users can still access other apps like Google Maps and search, but the application sends users back to Facebook as the default.

Charles Golvin, an analyst at Forrester Research, told the Financial Times that the integration casts a “blue-tinged” Facebook experience over all mobile tasks. That serves to keep people in the Facebook environment, driving usage, which could in turn help Facebook boost advertising revenues.

Zuckerberg further said that over the next five or 10 years most internet users would never have seen a computer or the internet as it is now thought of. He added: “We’re defining, right now, what they see.”

The new application, which will be available for download from 12 April, will be available preloaded on the new HTC First phone, which will be available through AT&T for $99.99 starting 12 April.

Facebook shares grew more than 2.5 per cent with the launch of new application.