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Google to manufacture digital eyewear in Silicon Valley

The move will help the search engine giant to oversee production process during initial stages.

Google is planning to manufacture its futuristic digital eyewear ‘Glass’ near its Silicon Valley headquarters instead of China in partnership with Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn.

Google Glass can send photos and videos directly to the web via a connected smartphone, while a small screen above the wearer’s right eye displays search results and other information. The inbuilt camera in the device is controlled by voice recognition software.

The ‘Explorer Edition’ of Glass is likely to be launched at this year’s Google I/O event.

Although most of the components are being procured from Asia, the final assembly will be done at a facility in Santa Clara.

A few thousand Glass devices are expected to roll off the Californian factory line in the near future. However, the company has not yet confirmed launch of Glass.

Developers and some handpicked Google partners have already ordered a pair of Glass at Google’s I/O event at San Francisco in June 2012. Meanwhile, technology and media firms like Evernote, Path and the New York Times are creating apps to work on the headset.

Google has developed the Nexus line of Android smartphones and tablets in partnership with Taiwan’s Asus and South Korea’s LG.

In December 2012, Apple has agreed to invest $100m in American manufacturing, while Foxconn said it is considering expanding its operations in the US.