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Facebook introduces advanced search engine

Graph Search.

Facebook has introduced Graph Search, an advanced search engine that helps its users to search friends, images, places, and interests within its social network.

“We’re giving people the power and the tools to take any cut of the graph that they want and make any query they want,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

Zuckerberg said that the new search engine is not an equivalent product to Google or Bing but is aimed for users to search information on Facebook since the company had limited search options for users earlier.

“There are so many people on Facebook, you can get a really good signal really quickly,” Zuckerberg added. He also added that the new feature was “privacy aware”.

The new product, which will be available for limited users initially, also helps uses to find information on Facebook’s database of social connections, “social graph”. The new tools on the engine enable users to untag photos in bulk.

Analysts at Barclays told the Financial Times: “We do not believe that Graph Search poses a threat to Google search revenue. We continue to believe that the depth and breadth of Google’s ability to crawl the web is unparalleled, and the company has a significant competitive advantage in its ability to deliver highly relevant information to its users.”