Spanish banks hire JP Morgan to sell 33 per cent stake in Deoleo
By new-statesman - 05 July 9:30

Olive-oil giant Deoleo is estimated to have a market value of around €280m.

Mark Carney is gambling with his credibility
By Nick Beecroft - 04 July 17:51

Risky, risky, risky.

New Statesman
China: "please don't talk about our screwed-up banking system"
By Alex Hern - 03 July 14:51

Nobody panic. That's an order.

Why the US bond market matters
By Felix Martin - 03 July 14:15

Felix Martin's "Real Money" column.

New Statesman
Strong PMI figures indicate return to growth in Q2 2013
By Alex Hern - 03 July 11:56

Maybe things don't suck?

New Statesman
"I was told about this £20bn down the back of the sofa quite a long time ago"
By Helen Roxburgh - 03 July 10:01

Vince Cable on RBS: business quote of the day.

New Statesman
RBS begins review of lending to SMEs
By new-statesman - 03 July 9:45

Bank of England's former deputy governor Sir Andrew Large leads the review.

UBS bites the dust in India
By Meghna Mukerjee - 27 June 11:28

Just like all the other big banks.

Hester's successor: the runners and riders emerge
By Douglas Blakey - 24 June 15:02

With seven figure salary, job hardly a "thankless task".

New Statesman
Commission on Banking Standards recommends jail for banking crimes
By new-statesman - 19 June 12:23

Publishes 571-page "Changing banking for good" report.

New Statesman
Five questions answered on the Co-op's new rescue deal
By Heidi Vella - 17 June 12:00

The bid to plug a £1.5bn gap.

New Statesman
Citigroup settles $3.5bn mortgage securities lawsuit
By new-statesman - 29 May 9:56

The mortgage-fraud lawsuits filed by the agency against other against Wall Street lenders are still pending.

New Statesman
Tax: what's a fair share?
By Richard Cree - 20 May 10:09

The Public Accounts Committee is back on the tax trail.

"Lame Duck" MPC stands pat and waits for the new Governor
By Nick Beecroft - 17 May 13:21

The calm before Carney's storm?

Bitcoin lovers are lying to themselves - cash has never been king
By Felix Martin - 16 May 14:15

Felix Martin's "Real Money" column.

New Statesman
FERC mulls enforcement action against JPMorgan Chase
By New Statesman - 09 May 8:15

Series of regulatory problems.

There's a villain to the gold crash story
By Spears magazine - 30 April 9:49

The reason gold fell so far.

New Statesman
US banks lobbied Swiss regulators to ease Basel rules
By New Statesman - 25 April 8:00

JPMorgan Chase denies seeking cancellation of the EU exemption.

Why can't private banks break China?
By Sophie McBain - 23 April 11:34

European banks trying to break into China are biting off more than they can chew.

New Statesman
EC president: Europe near austerity limit
By New Statesman - 23 April 7:05

Eurostat data shows the Irish, Spanish and Portuguese debt levels hit euro-era highs in 2012.

New Statesman
Osborne's lending plans won't work, warn British banks
By New Statesman - 22 April 7:10

FLS expansion will spark a rush of credit to SMEs.

Britain's 200 wealthiest people "are together worth £318.2bn"
By Helen Lewis - 21 April 9:35

Sunday Times Rich List says worth of country's super-elite has increased eightfold since 1989.

Fitch agency downgrades UK credit rating from AAA to AA+
By Helen Lewis - 20 April 8:56

More trouble for "downgraded Chancellor" George Osborne.

Rich Ricci steps down
By New Statesman - 18 April 11:40

Barclays head of corporate and investment banking to go.

New Statesman
Gold meltdown
By New Statesman - 15 April 11:32

Gold prices tumble 5 per cent.