The roundtable in process. Photo: DUNCAN SOAR
A taxing question of property: what's really going on with business rates?
By New Statesman - 18 March 15:17

To critics business rates are complex, unfair and produce perverse incentives - to others they offer the guarantee of stable and fixed costs. If reform is coming, what should it look like? The New Statesman brought some leading voices together to find out.

the New York Stock Exchange reopens after the Easter holiday, 21 April. Photo: Getty
HFT: the latest scam devised by Wall Street and the City
By Felix Martin - 25 April 10:00

Felix Martin discusses Flash Boys by the American financial writer Michael Lewis, which examines high-frequency trading (HFT).

Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street (Photo: Universal)
Far from the Wolf of Wall Street: how did young people become so risk averse?
By Alice Robb - 13 March 10:00

Today’s bankers have replaced the excesses of the 1980s with Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

An open letter to outgoing CEO Euan Sutherland.
The Co-operative needs to set a higher standard
By Rowenna Davis - 12 March 15:22

An open letter to outgoing chief executive Euan Sutherland.

The City.
A lack of trust: addressing the "trust deficit" facing UK businesses
By Nigel Knowles - 05 March 11:46

Trust in banks and businesses has was severely hampered by the financial crisis - and has yet to recover. The mistrust cuts both ways. How can we expect a recovery without support for business from politicians and the public?

Janet Yellen.
What Janet Yellen and Mark Carney could learn from macroeconomist Hyman Minsky
By Stewart Cowley - 08 January 12:16

Gordon Brown, as Chancellor in the UK, and the Federal Reserve’s Alan Greenspan, notably, violated Minsky’s ideas - what will the new twin peaks of global finance do differently?

Budget airlines.
The future of finance - as imagined by Ryanair
By Giles Andrews - 03 January 18:32

No frills finance is taking off - and while many have an opinion on allocated seating, printing your own boarding pass and paying for food on-board, the model remains simple but thrilling.

Justin Welby.
We should look at the Quakers who founded Barclays for an example of banking with values
By Richard Spencer - 20 December 15:27

The Archbishop of Canterbury is right to urge professional standards among bankers. The industry requires social, as well as regulatory capital, in order to recover some esteem.

World Islamic Economic Forum.
The continued rise of Islamic finance in the UK
By Nigel Knowles - 11 December 11:25

Despite the clear political will for the UK to become an Islamic finance hub, there are steep political challenges ahead.

QE is distorting the financial system - it needs to stop, now
By Stewart Cowley - 27 November 10:43

There is good evidence to show that banks, stuffed with cash, are helping feed the rising stock markets.

Bank of England.
Five questions answered on the Bank of England’s latest report
By Heidi Vella - 13 November 14:47

What is the Bank of England’s forecast for growth figures?

Myanmar: the new Asian investment frontier
By Sara Perria - 01 November 11:45

MasterCard and Visa have already entered the country, together with multinationals such as Nestle, CocaCola, Uniliver, Total and Suzuki.

World Islamic Economic Forum.
Why Islamic finance could be our best “soft” foreign policy tool
By Mohammed Al Ardhi - 31 October 11:26

With global Islamic investments expected to hit over £1.3 trillion next year, and Islamic finance accounting for only 1 per cent of all global finance the UK Government is right to identify Islamic finance as a key growth area.

New Statesman
Meet the most powerful woman in banking
By David Blanchflower - 24 October 14:58

Yellen is a distinguished academic, especially known for her work on unemployment. She has even written about out-of-wedlock child-rearing, gang behaviour and the brain drain; she cares about the real world and her work involves careful analysis of behavi

The Fed is going to have scant and unreliable data to hand
By Nick Beecroft - 14 October 16:01

Consequences of the shutdown.

New Statesman
Why are the markets so calm about the US shutdown and debt ceiling debates?
By Nick Beecroft - 08 October 10:45

The "Fear Index" is languishing at 17.

New Statesman
Fair play guys: account switching seems to have worked
By Douglas Blakey - 02 October 9:11

Let's not get too comfortable though, writes Douglas Blakey.

New Statesman
What happens during a US government shutdown?
By Sophie McBain - 01 October 13:51

Ten things to expect.

New Statesman
Give working people more money because they will spend it
By Stewart Cowley - 01 October 12:17

It's not about fairness, it's about the economy, stupid.

New Statesman
The recovery is coming: can we relax yet?
By Richard Cree - 01 October 9:15

Blue skies are coming.

New Statesman
A government shutdown is not the real threat
By Nick Beecroft - 30 September 15:04

The debt ceiling debate is far more important.

It's unaccountable corporations, not socialism and the state, that the public loathe
By James Bloodworth - 27 September 10:24

In whipping itself into a frenzy over Miliband’s plan to freeze energy prices, the right has turned a blind eye to mounting revulsion over private firms.

Credit Unions just might have a fighting chance
By Carl Packman - 20 September 17:58

A real ethical alternative?

New Statesman
The Fed's decision not to taper was a protest
By Nick Beecroft - 20 September 16:36

But do they protest too much?

New Statesman
Five questions answered on the re-emergence of TSB after 18 years
By Heidi Vella - 09 September 12:49

Lloyds TSB re-brand 600 stores.

The employment report does not look pretty
By Nick Beecroft - 06 September 18:17

Here's how to read it.