BP receives $610 million dividend as Hayward goes
By James Maxwell - 26 September 14:11

BP will be rewarded with a special payout from its joint-venture company in recognition of successfu

Full Transcript | Chris Huhne | Speech On Energy And The Environment | Liberal Democrat Conference, Birmingham | 20 September 2011
By Chris Huhne - 20 September 14:08

"If you keep beating the anti-European drum, if you slaver over tax cuts for the rich, then you will

Explosion at major French nuclear power site
By Nilpa Shah - 12 September 16:23

A blast at a nuclear facility in Marcoule, southern France, has killed one person and injured four.

Claim your free tickets to Bill Bryson/New Statesman event
By Sophie FitzMaurice - 26 August 13:22

A panel discussion on the future of energy will take place at Durham University on 6 September.

Miliband's new energy policy could be a vote winner
By Guy Newey - 03 August 14:03

A greener and cheaper approach would have significant appeal.

British Gas landed with £2.5m fine
By Tess Riley - 27 July 13:54

Energy company accused of inadequately handling customer complaints.

Leader: For the sake of the planet we cannot follow Germany’s lead
By Staff blogger - 02 June 8:29

Germany's decision to reject nuclear power will lead to an increase in carbon emissions.

British Gas parent company says prices will rise
By Tom Kavanagh - 09 May 12:26

Centrica also threatened the closure of UK gas fields following tax increases.

BP profits down, Deepwater Horizon costs up
By Alice Gribbin - 27 April 15:48

High oil price still offset by Gulf clean-up costs for BP.

Japan nuclear victims to be compensated by Tepco
By Alice Gribbin - 15 April 15:28

Fukushima power plant operator to pay the affected families, says Japanese government.

BP granted extra month for Arctic oil deal
By Alice Gribbin - 14 April 16:34

Protestors and shareholders gathered outside the BP AGM in London.

Oil prices at two and a half year high
By Liam McLaughlin - 04 April 14:27

Continued fighting in Libya keeps prices up.

Critics have a go at Osborne £2bn tax on oil companies
By Francisco Perez - 30 March 13:01

The Chancellor's plan to tax oil companies came under increasing pressure as Norwegian oil giant Sta

Ofgem to tackle energy markets' lack of transparency and competition
By Francisco Perez - 21 March 15:25

Energy regulator Ofgem reviewed the energy markets ordering providers to simplify tariffs systems an

Oil prices hit a two year high
By Liam McLaughlin - 07 March 11:24

After weeks of unease, oil prices rose to a high not seen since 2008.

Oil prices still unpredictable as Middle East remains unstable
By Liam McLaughlin - 04 March 12:59

Fears of further unrest in Libya and protests in Saudi Arabia feed continued oil price fluctuations.

Oil prices fluctuate as plans for peace deal emerge
By Liam McLaughlin - 03 March 11:44

Hugo Chavez has put together a peace plan to be considered by Colonel Gadaffi

UK's electricity distribution networks sold to US firm PPL
By Susannah Butter - 02 March 11:14

German firm E.On has sold its UK power network.

Saudi volatility leads to further hike in oil prices
By Liam McLaughlin - 28 February 11:12

Uncertainty surrounding Saudi stability feeds more oil price rises.

British Gas profits rises by 24 per cent
By James Preston - 24 February 12:11

Early year cold weather and a February price cut account for 85 per cent of 2010 profits.

Oil price rises could damage economic recovery
By Victoria Mitchell - 23 February 11:29

An IEA economist has issued a warning following continuing unrest in the Middle East.

Judge fines Chevron $8bn for contamination of Amazon basin
By James Preston - 15 February 11:05

Oil company fined for the environmental and health impact of drilling by Texaco, now owned by Chevro

Oil prices contribute to rise in Shell’s annual profits
By Victoria Mitchell - 03 February 11:06

The oil company Royal Dutch Shell has announced profits almost double that of last year.

Re-routing of container ships as Egypt unrest continues
By Victoria Mitchell - 01 February 12:28

Unrest in Egypt has led some shipping firms to arrange for vessels to be re-routed.

BP reports first annual loss since 1992
By Susannah Butter - 01 February 11:32

BP reports a loss of $4.9bn (£3.1bn) for 2010 but resumes payment of dividends.

Rise in BP share price following Rosneft deal
By Victoria Mitchell - 17 January 11:44

Share prices in UK oil company BP have risen today following a deal with Russian energy firm Rosneft

BP cost-cutting to blame for Gulf of Mexico disaster
By Sirena Bergman - 06 January 12:30

A report to be published next week blames the company's decisions for the outcome of BP oil spill.

ActaCell awarded $3m battery equipment funding for EVs
By New Statesman - 30 December 14:34

Energy company award funding of $3m over a 3-year period from the US Department of Commerce.

GMP to set up public charging stations for electric cars
By New Statesman - 30 December 14:11

The charging stations will be ready for public use by spring 2011.

RES wins approval for 99MW wind farm in Scotland
By New Statesman - 30 December 14:07

Power project is expected to generate electricity equivalent to 40,000 households.