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Peltz urges PepsiCo to buy Mondelez (FT)

Nelson Peltz has launched a public campaign to transform PepsiCo, urging the group to first merge its snack business with Mondelez in a $60bn deal, and then to spin out its slow-growing soda business to shareholders.

India toughens up on insider trading (FT)

India’s main financial market regulator has been handed new powers to investigate insider trading, a decision hailed as a significant step forward in the country’s battle against securities fraud.

End of QE looms on signals from UK and US (Telegraph)

The end of quantitative easing in the Western world loomed closer after both the UK and the US signalled a potential retreat from the controversial crisis policy.

Gas prices could fall by a quarter with shale drilling, Government advisers say (Telegraph)

Gas prices could fall by a quarter and help bring down household energy bills if Britain exploits its shale gas reserves, a report commissioned by Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, suggests.

Two tech titans, IBM and Intel, have reported big drops in net income (BBC)

Intel reported a second-quarter profit of $2bn (£1.32bn), down 29% from a year ago. For its part, IBM saw earnings for the same period fall 17% to $3.23bn.