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Evening wrap up: today's late breaking business stories

Top stories from around the web.

HSBC profits near double to $8.43bn in 'calmer waters' (Telegraph)

HSBC has reported its best quarterly performance in several years as Britain’s largest bank saw its pre-tax profits nearly double to $8.4bn.

Glass Lewis joins call for Dimon to split roles (FT)

Jamie Dimon’s prospects of holding on to his chairmanship of JPMorgan Chase darkened on Tuesday as a second shareholder advisory group recommended he be stripped of the role.

Glass, Lewis followed ISS in advising shareholders to vote for a split in Mr Dimon’s chief executive and chairman roles at an annual meeting in Tampa on May 21.

Consumers forced to cut back on savings (Telegraph)

A third of savers say will not be able to afford to put away as much in the coming months.

UK projects at risk after China funding threat (Telegraph)

The Daily Telegraph understands that China's sovereign wealth fund will not be able to invest in long-term British projects until a solution to the diplomatic stand-off, caused by David Cameron's meeting with the Dalai Lama last year, has been reached.

The Beijing government believes Britain needs to make amends before relations can return to normal.