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30 of UK's top tax criminals published on Flickr

Tax cheats sentenced to combined 155 years in prison.

HMRC's top tax criminals of 2012 have been sentenced to a combined 155 years in prison.

Over 30 of the UK’s top tax cheats are being publicised on Flickr as part of HMRC’s current tax evasion campaign.

Exchequer secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said, “The government is committed to closing in on tax evaders. Collectively the 32 criminals have been sentenced to more than 150 years. Most people play by the rules and pay what they owe, but HMRC is cracking down on those who don’t.

"We hope that publishing these pictures will help get across that it always makes sense to declare all your income, and tax dodgers are simply storing up trouble for the future.”

The tax evasion campaign launched by HMRC is part of a £917m investment by the government to tackle tax evasion, avoidance and fraud. It is aiming to raise an additional £7bn each year by 2014/15.

In August HMRC published pictures of the top tax cheats it was still hunting on HMRC on its Flickr pager, but an HMRC spokesman told economia there have been no convictions yet from this list.

Images of more of HMRC's "most wanted" are available at their Flickr site.

In the Autumn Statement in December, the chancellor said he was protecting HMRC from further budget cuts so the department could focus on tackling tax avoidance and evasion.

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