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Rolls-Royce whistleblower first made claims six years ago

The company has been accused of bribery.

Dick Taylor has been attempting to blow the whistle on Rolls-Royce for six years, according to a report by the Financial Times. The former Rolls-Royce worker posted statements about bribery in the company on news sites back in 2006.

He accused the company of using a bribe of $20m and a Rolls-Royce car to the son of the former president of Indonesia to help close the deal on a contract.

Taylor was the company's chief service representative, now retired, and has since repeated the claims since then on a number of websites. Here's the Financial Times story:

But it took until this year and the prompting of the Serious Fraud Office for Rolls-Royce to investigate those allegations and hand them over to the regulator.

The SFO, which would not comment Sunday, began looking into Rolls-Royce more than a year ago and earlier this year told the company of its concerns of possible bribery and corruption by Rolls-Royce intermediaries in Indonesia and China. Rolls-Royce then ordered an outside law firm to investigate.

On Thursday the company announced it had found reasons for concern with regards to bribery and corruption by its intermediaries in Indonesia and China. It also said it found possible wrongdoing in other overseas markets, which it declined to name.