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Five questions answered on the British Gas price hike

Just in time for winter.

British gas has announced they are going to raise their prices just in time for winter. We answer five questions on their latest price hike.

By how much are they raising their prices?

British Gas has announced its customers will be paying around 6 per cent more for its fuel as of November 2012.

"We know that household budgets are under pressure and this £1.50 per week rise will be unwelcome" managing director Phil Bentley told the BBC.

How much will this add to the average household fuel bill?

It is estimated that the rise will raise the average household duel fuel bill by around £80 - £100 a year.

Why is British Gas raising their prices?

"Britain's North Sea gas supplies are running out and British Gas has to pay the going rate for gas in a competitive global marketplace," Mr Bentley told the BBC.

"Furthermore, the investment needed to maintain and upgrade the national grid to deliver energy to our customers' homes, and the costs of the government's policies for a clean, energy-efficient Britain, are all going up."

Are they the only fuel company raising its prices?

No. Scottish Hydro, Swalec and Southern Electric, have also said it will raise its prices by an average of 9 per cent from Monday.

When did British Gas last raise their prices?

British Gas last raised its tariffs in August 2011. Gas prices went up by 18 per cent and electricity prices by 16 per cent. In January 2012 it cut prices by 16 per cent.

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