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Federer victory could win Oxfam more than £100,000

Oxfam set to benefit from a Federer win at Wimbeldon

A bet made in 2003 by the late Nick Newlife has been left to Oxfam in a uniquely philanthropic gesture. The bet, of £1,520 at odds of 66/1, predicted that Roger Federer would win a seventh Wimbeldon title before 2019. If Federer achieves this victory, the Oxfam charity would reap a payment of £101,840.

Although Legacies are not uncommon and in fact amount to 12 per cent of total individual contributions according to Oxfam's head of relationship marketing Andrew Barton, this particular bet has attracted significant attention. Graham Sharpe, who took the original bet in 2003, claims that "a number of people have drawn Federer's attention to this bet".

An Oxfam spokesperson has emphasised the charity's gratitude, saying that "we will be keeping our fingers firmly crossed for Federer's success".

Federer will play defending champion Djokovic in the semi-finals of the tournament.