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The Independent to cease circulation in Ireland

Printing costs are too high to sustain low circulation.

The Independent and Independent on Sunday will cease to be circulated in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The publisher has decided that distribution of the full newspaper was too expensive to continue; from Monday 2nd July the titles will no longer be available in Ireland.

John Simmonds, circulations manager, said in a letter to retailers that "This decision has been made in the light of the extremely high costs of printing and with the newspaper selling so few copies in Ireland,"

Following the sale of the papers from Independent News & Media, which is based in Dublin, to Alexander Lebedev in 2010, it is has been deemed unsustainable to continue circulation.

The latest ABC circulation figures claim that just 795 copies of the Independent and 1,272 copies of the Independent on Sunday were sold in the Republic of Ireland. Figures for Northern Ireland are not available. The sister paper, i, will continue to be sold in both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Helen Robb reads PPE at Oxford University where she is deputy editor of ISIS magazine.