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Other people's business, Wednesday 2 May

Coca-Cola and source code.

Photograph: Getty Images

1. Legal hit list (Schumpeter)

Schumpeter writes about this year’s league table.

2. Chesapeake board does too little, too late (Reuters)

Chesapeake Energy’s decision to do the right thing shouldn’t impress investors, writes Christopher Swann.

3. Monster shouldn’t be Coke’s tipple of choice (Reuters)

Coca-Cola is more than a century old, but it wants to be hip, writes Agnes T Crane.

4. Where source code goes to die (Babbage)

Source code is the most valuable thing owned by any software company, writes Babbage.

5. The private equity rough guide to India (Financial Times)

India does not get a lot of love compared with other Bric countries, writes John Gapper.

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