Other people's business


Other people's business, Wednesday 09 May.

Geeks and leaking pipes.

Photograph: Getty Images

1. Geeks of the world, stump up (Babbage)

Destroy all humans. That is the simple, loving message, writes Babbage.

2. Facebook reality tops out near bottom of IPO range (Reuters)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appears a bit sheepish about touting the company’s initial public offering, writes Richard Beales.

3. A post-Chavez Venezuela is no investment bonanza (Reuters)

The health of Hugo Chavez has piqued the market’s interest, writes Raul Gallegos.

4.  Health insurers need to stop being wimps, study finds (Washington Post)

Health insurers don’t have a great reputation. Some even think they’re evil, writes Sarah Kliff.

5. The water industry is burying a leaking pipes scandal (Guardian)

Water companies and the regulator see controlling leaks as political correctness – why is this not taken more seriously, writes Fred Pearce.


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