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Other people's business, Thursday 08 May

"Shareholder Spring" and cabbage in formaldehyde.

Photograph: Getty Images

1. “Cabbage in formaldehyde” is toxic dish for China (Reuters)

China’s food industry is accident-prone, writes John Foley.

2. M&G shows institutional investors the way during 'shareholder spring' (Guardian)

Aviva chief's re-election was too much for M&G to tick yes – if only more acted over frustrations with underperforming bosses, writes Nils Pratley.

3. Performance not pay doomed Aviva’s Moss (Financial Times)

Spare me the “shareholder spring” allusions, writes Andrew Hill.

4. Look into the future before it is too late (Financial Times)

I admire the chief executive who once described his attitude to the quarterly earnings report to me like this: “We spend three days before and one day after getting busy – and then we go back to running the business as usual.” writes Andrew Hill.

5. Carrots or Sticks? Handicapped Parking Edition (Freakonomics)

I’m convinced that shame can in many cases provide stronger incentives than a monetary penalty uncertainly enforced, writes Daniel Hamermesh.

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