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Other people's business, Friday 20 April

Public transport and venerable partnerships.

Photograph: Getty Images

1. Law firms have struck the limits of partnership (Financial Times)

It is sad to see a venerable partnership disappear but Dewey & LeBoeuf, the New York-based law firm, wasn’t one any more, wrties John Gapper.

2. Judges can be tough without getting personal (Reuters)

Few can send a chill up business spines faster than Delaware Chancellor Leo Strine, writes Reynolds Holding.

3. The jobs keep leaking away (Schumpeter)

In news and publishing, 9,000 jobs have been lost since 2002, writes Schumpeter.

4. For public transit, the recession’s still not over (Washington Post)

Public transportation in the United States has faced a perverse situation these past few years, writes Brad Plumer.

5.  Eternal convergence (Schumpeter)

How is an investor to compare financial statements from companies in two different countries? writes Schumpeter.

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