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Other people's business, Friday 18 May

Facebook witch hunt and for-profit prisons.

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1. Facebook tax witch hunt looks in wrong place (Reuters)

There’s outrage on Capitol Hill about one tangential aspect of Facebook’s initial public offering, writes Richard Beales.

2. The Economics of For-Profit Prisons (Freakonomics)

The perverse incentives for sheriffs to keep inmate numbers high

3. The looming problem for Madison Avenue (Financial Times)

The travails of old media businesses are well-known but I’m starting to feel sympathy for advertisers and media buyers, writes John Gapper.

4. How ‘Taxmageddon’ would affect the U.S. economy (Washington Post)

What will the economy look like in 2013? A great deal depends on what Congress decides to do at the end of this year, writes Brad Plumer.

5. Samsung investors should worry less about Apple (Reuters)

Samsung investors are worrying too much about Apple, writes Wayne Arnold.


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