Other people's business


Other people's business, Friday 11 May.

Coty advances on Avon.

Photograph: Getty Images

1. Jamie Dimon’s Ahab meets his Moby Dick (Reuters)

PMorgan’s Ahab has met his Moby Dick, writes Antony Currie.

2. Jamie Dimon makes a drama out of a credit crisis (Financial Times)

JP Morgan’s sudden conference call to disclose, and to try to explain, the $2bn trading loss that it racked up in only six weeks was one of the most absorbing bits of live financial theatre since the 2008 crash, writes John Gapper.

3. Coty’s freshened offer hard for Avon to resist (Reuters)

Coty is making its advances harder for Avon Products to resist, writes Agnes T. Crane.

4. True oil independence is an unrealistic dream (Washington Post)

Over the past few years, the United States has experienced a boom in oil and gas production, writes Brad Plumer.

5. Boardroom botches call for checklist fix (Reuters)

If checklists can save lives, surely they can help shareholders, writes Jeffrey Goldfarb.

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