Other people's business


Other people's business, Thursday 26 April

Stand up gamblers and Credit Suisse.

Gambling, Photograph, Getty Images.
Gambling, Photograph, Getty Images.

1. What politicians lost to Murdoch (Financial Times)

Leveson's inquiry into the British press on Wednesday tackled one of the most pressing mysteries facing government and the media: how on earth does Rupert Murdoch ever get anything done? writes John Gapper.

2. Credit Suisse still shrinking its way to stability (Reuters)

Credit Suisse is still shrinking, writes Peter Thal Larsen.

3. Sync or swim (Babbage)

Like many dull-sounding things, file synchronisation, or syncing, is a big business, writes Babbage.

4. Google Drive: A step closer to no-fuss cloud storage? (Washington Post)

If you have even remotely been paying attention to the world of technology, you’ve been hearing a lot about the “cloud” lately, writes Joshua Topolsky.

5. Stand-Up Gamblers (Freakonomics)

There are some new nudges for gamblers, writes Freakonomics.

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