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Orange and T-Mobile to be retained in the UK

The two brands will stay separate in the UK, although the company will be called Everything Everywhe

Telecom brands Orange and T-Mobile will be retained in the UK. However, the newly merged company will operate under the Everything Everywhere name.

The new company name could be added to both the brands to encompass the owner of their UK operations. The two mobile networks will, however, continue to trade as Orange and T-Mobile for at least 18 months.

Jointly owned by France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, Everything Everywhere - which will become the country's largest communications provider - plans to have a "single super-network" when Orange and T-Mobile are officially integrated on 1 July.

The French and German telecom majors merged their UK businesses last year and the merged firm was approved by regulators this year.

Orange head Tom Alexander will be the chief executive of Everything Everywhere, which will have 30 million mobile and broadband customers, over 700 stores and a 37 per cent market share in the UK.

Substantial cost savings of about £3.5bn are expected from the merger.