'Pico' projectors may revolutionise mobile phone use

Many companies such as Microvision and Texas Instruments showcased pico projectors at the Consumer E

These projectors are small devices not bigger than a mobile phone which project video images onto a surface using laser technology.

Analysts believe the pico projectors have a lot of potential. They can be used by laptop users for presentations and may even compete with flat-screen televisions in the near future.

Microvision displayed a stand-alone pico projector the size of a bar of soap. It is bullish on including the technology in cameras and mobile phones. It will release prototypes of its projectors this year, with sales expected to commence from next year. Texas Instruments already has its pico projectors embedded in two mobile phones from Samsung.

Mobile phone industry watchers expect the pico technology to resolve the problem of viewing video on tiny phone screens by separating the display from the device.