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Apple and Starbucks team up to offer free weekly iTunes download

One double macchiato with a bit of James Morrison on the side, please.

The coffee giant Starbucks, in the latest attempt to shore up its dominance of the UK coffee shop market, has launched its new "Pick of the Week" offer, allowing all UK customers a free weekly download on iTunes.

The venture between Starbucks and Apple has been in operation in the US since 2006, but was announced only after the coffee house rolled out free WiFi access in its UK stores without, as previously required, the pesky need to register beforehand.

Once you purchase your Starbucks product you will have up to 60 days to redeem your download. James Morrison's latest track, My Dreams, was the first to be offered up, with a free iBook, Alan Glynn's Limitless, also available. If that is not convincing, offerings from Coldplay and The Kooks will be made availiable in the coming weeks.

Brian Waring, an executive for Starbucks UK and Ireland, said: "Digital offers are very important to us and making WiFi freely available across our stores is the foundation for many other plans we have moving forward."

Ealier this year Starbucks announced that UK customers will be able to pay for their products using an iPhone or BlackBerry.