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Panama grants Geographic Indication of Origin status to Scotch Whiskey

Panama is Scotch Whiskey's 20th largest export market

The authorities in Panama have granted an application by The Scotch Whisky Association, made in May 2010, for 'Scotch Whisky' to be registered and protected as a 'geographical indication of origin' (GI).

Panama will receive better protection from imitation 'whisky', following a decision to formally recognize Scotch Whisky as a product that can only be made in Scotland.

This registration ensures the high level of protection by local enforcement authorities, supporting the integrity of Scotch Whisky as a product made in Scotland according to traditional practice.

Panama is said to be Scotch Whisky's 20th largest export market, with shipments reaching £42m in customs value in 2009.

Panama HM Ambassador Richard Austen said that he is delighted that the Embassy team was able to help smooth the way for the Scotch Whisky association's application to register Scotch Whisky in Panama.

The Scotch Whisky Association chief executive Gavin Hewitt said that it is important consumers around the world can have confidence in the quality and integrity of what they are buying.