Kellogg to slash salt content in products by 1/3

The Kellogg Company has said that it will cut down on the content of salt in its cereals, including

The company mentioned that it will reduce the salt content in its Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies by 30%. Coco Pops and Ricicles will witness a cut of 33%, whereas Frosties and Crunchy Nut recipes will come with 23% less salt, beginning March 2010.

The company said that the salt in Rice Krispies-based foods has been replaced by rice and the Corn Flakes-based foods now come with more corn. It claims that this reduction has a negligible impact on total calories and other nutrients for each product. It also claims that no salt replacers are being used.

It anticipates that this measure will abate the annual salt intake of the UK by approximately 300 tonnes and will also make certain that none of the its most popular cereals will now be classed as 'red' , which indicates high for salt, according to the FSA's Traffic Light food labelling system.

Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball, head of nutrition at Kellogg, said: "For the past 12 years we've been listening to our shoppers and taken down the amount of salt in our food. We've been doing this slowly. We take people's palates with us and so they don't notice any difference in taste. Since 1998 we've taken over 45% of salt out of our cereals.

"In spite of breakfast cereals only accounting for 2.8% of the salt purchased in the nation's shopping baskets, we hope this move shows people we are serious about reducing salt."