Daniele adds three products to salame recall

Daniele has added three additional items to its recall of salame products, which are believed to be

Both state and independent laboratories have found that the black pepper was contaminated with the same strain of salmonella that has been linked to a national outbreak. According to the company, the three products being recalled may have been exposed to the same black pepper during production with the pepper-coated products recalled earlier.

The recall involves 17,235 pounds of two bulk Calabrese Sopressata Flat products produced after November 7, 2009. A portion of these two bulk products is also sold under the Boar's Head name: Calabrese Sopressata Flat Bulk, 3 - 3.5lbs per piece Lot 271 with sell by dates of 12/16/10 and 12/18/10; Hot Calabrese Sopressata Flat Bulk, 3 - 3.5lbs per piece lot numbers 465, 434, 228, and 333; and Boar's Head Hot Sopressata Calabrese, produced on 11/28/09 and 12/9/09.

The company said that it has terminated its relationship with this distributor. In addition, the company changed the specifications for all its spices, and is now using only irradiated pepper. The company asked the consumers who bought any of these three products to return them immediately for a full refund. Retailers and distributors should destroy the product according to their normal procedures.