Cloetta unveils new Fairtrade chocolate bars

Swedish confectionery company Cloetta has introduced Cloetta good, a new chocolate bar. Cloetta good

The four varieties of Cloetta good are milk chocolate, mint crisp, hazelnut and cashew with cranberries. Fairtrade is aimed at promoting improved working and living conditions for small-scale producers and agricultural workers in developing countries.

Curt Petri, CEO of Cloetta, said: "Cloetta's delicious combinations - chocolate and wafers, chocolate and toffee, chocolate and nuts - have now been joined by chocolate and Fairtrade. Our introduction of Fairtrade-labelled chocolate is an expression of our desire to combine good flavour with a good cause.

"The introduction has been preceded by extensive taste testing by different panels where Cloetta good has been given excellent ratings and seen as an exciting and interesting product, which gives us confidence in the launch."

Karin Ljungmark-Malmstrom, marketing director at Cloetta, said: "With Cloetta good we want to speak to all five senses. In addition, we have created a short theme melody that also makes it possible to experience Cloetta good by listening to it."

Mr Petri added, "Last autumn we relaunched the Tarragona chocolate bar in three taste varieties and just over a week ago it was announced that Cloetta is one of 17 companies approved by the Royal Court of Sweden as a purveyor to The Official Wedding Series, for which Cloetta has developed six new chocolate products. Cloetta good complements this focus on chocolate - at the moment there is a lot happening at Cloetta!"

Cloetta has brands such as Kexchoklad, Center, Plopp, Polly, Tarragona, Guldnougat, Bridge, Juleskum, Sportlunch and Extra Starka. The company has two production units in Sweden, one in Ljungsbro and one in Alingsas.