Green & Black's to move chocolate range to Fair Trade certified in US

Green & Black's, an organic chocolate maker, has committed to move its entire chocolate range, world

The company said that its move to Fair Trade will mean an investment of around $485,000 each year over the next 10 years through additional Fair Trade premiums paid to Dominican Republic cocoa farmers and their communities.

The company claims that Green and Black's has bought quality, organic Trinitario cocoa beans from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic over the last 10 years and these farmers are now the main source of cocoa for Green & Black's.

Fair Trade is an independent system providing farmers with the security of fair prices for their produce and additional investment through the Fair Trade premium for social, environmental and economic development in their communities. The Fair Trade premium is in addition to a guaranteed minimum price for fair trade certified ingredients.

Dominic Lowe, managing director of Green & Black's, said: "In that time we have committed $500,000 in local initiatives to improve quality and availability, but we wanted to do more to support our farmers.

"The move to Fair Trade certification is a key milestone in our relationship with the farmers that are so fundamental in the making of the best tasting, premium, organic, and now Fair Trade, chocolate you can buy."