Biopack to increase production with 'Bio-Coating' machines

Biopack Environmental Solutions, a manufacturer and supplier of biodegradable packaging products, ha

The company claims that each machine has a capacity of coating up to 47 million pieces a year and could increase production capacity by over 15 times the current coated tray production rate, allowing it to accept larger orders.

The company introduced its biodegradable coated trays on October 22, 2009. The company claims that these coated trays have increased the suitability of its products for market segments in areas of the packaging industry, such as fresh and frozen meats, ready-made meals and baked goods.

The company has worked closely with a machine building company in the design and development of the Bio-Coating machine. These machines are designed to automate the entire coating application process, incorporating several steps and will increase production efficiency. Each machine may be individually adjusted to suit the weight of coating required for the various types and sizes of products.

Gerald Lau, CEO of Biopack, said: "We are very excited to get the first Bio-Coating machine into our factory and in operation. We spent a considerable amount of resources to develop a coating solution for our trays, as we believed there would be great demand for it once available."

Mr Lau added, "With strong initial reaction and interest coupled with our first orders, we believe the coated tray market and the ability of Biopack to handle the subsequent large volume orders, has the potential to not only significantly increase our revenues, but at the same time allow us to break into new market segments and product offerings that were previously unattainable."

The company also developed a water resistant or 'coated' fish tray to an international food conglomerate. It said that this tray was specifically made to complement an existing product within this retailers Sustainable Seafood Program, a 10-point policy which dictates how seafood is purchased and sold, based on social, ecological and economic considerations.