Yakult Honsha to start production in US by 2012

Yakult Honsha (Yakult), a Japan-based maker of yogurt-like drinks, has said it intends to commence o

The company said that its US operations have been limited primarily to the West Coast. It presently imports products to the US from plants in Mexico but the company has plans to construct a factory in the US that is expected to start production in 2012. According to Mr Kawabata, the location is not yet decided.

Reuters quoted Yoshihiro Kawabata, senior managing director in charge of international operations, as saying: "We are planning to expand our business in the US, starting sales of our products on the East Coast, in the north and in other areas in the near future."

The company has been in China since 2002 and now has plans to build a third factory in mainland China. It is also anticipates expansion of production capacity in other Asian markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines, along with the Middle East.