BeBevCo Forms Strategic Partnership With Great State Beverages

Bebida Beverage (BeBevCo) has entered into a strategic partnership with Ron Fournier, VP of sales at

The company said that the agreement will place Koma Unwind 'Chillaxation Drink' and the countertop coolers in many locations throughout their territory. The full launch of the company's products is scheduled to take place in April.

Brian Weber, CEO of BeBevCo, said: "BeBevCo's Koma Unwind 'Chillaxation Drink' is seen as a trend setter for the non alcoholic beverage industry by many high level distributors, and with Mr Fournier's , vice president of sales for Great State Beverages, enthusiasm toward this product we can not wait to see his results."

According to the company, the product will be available to consumers in the NIDA market, which includes 35m people or the entire Northeast of the country.

BeBevCo develops, manufactures and markets several beverages including: Piranha Water, Guppy Water, Koma Unwind, Koma Unwind Sugar-free Chillaxation Drink, Koma Chillaxation Shot, Potencia Energy Drink, and Potencia Blasr energy Shot.