WJ Deutsch to sell, market Luksusowa Vodka in US

WJ Deutsch & Sons (Deutsch), an importer and marketer of wines and spirits, has signed a contract wi

The company claims that potatoes including Pasat and Rudawa from Wielkopolska and Pomorze regions in Poland are used in the production process of this vodka.

A custom-designed triple filtration system of continuous distillation is used in conjunction with a gas chromatography system to produce the potato spirit. This spirit is combined with natural spring water from artesian wells to produce Luksusowa Vodka.

Peter Deutsch, CEO of Deutsch, said: "Vodka is the #1 consumed spirit in the US, selling 55m cases per year, and the numbers are increasing. Following the announcement of our new Spirits Division in July, we immediately began the search for the right partner to supply us with this important category."

Victor Jerez, CEO of Wyborowa, said: "Luksusowa is a fantastic brand with an authentic pedigree and tremendous long-term growth potential in the US - the number one vodka market worldwide. Through our partnership with WJ Deutsch, we will be able to capitalize on Deutsch's sales and marketing expertise, strong network of US distributors, and on and off-premise relationships, and together grow Luksusowa into one of the leading imported Vodkas in the country."

Luksusowa Vodka will be sold nationwide at approximately $24.99 for the 1.75L, $16.99 for the 1L, and $13.99 for the 750ml.