Brown-Forman files complaint against Meadowcroft Wines for resemblance of labels

Brown-Forman Company has filed a complaint against Sonoma-based Meadowcroft.

The complaint relates particularly to its 'Sumptuary' label claiming it is too similar in name to Brown-Forman's 'Sanctuary' label and will be confusing to consumers.

Meadowcroft Wines owner and winemaker, Tom Meadowcroft, has agreed to discontinue production of wines under the Sumptuary label to avoid any litigation.

Meadowcroft Wines produces some 15,000 cases of wine each year. The sole vintage produced under the Sumptuary name is the 2007 Zinfandel released in March 2009. Some 900 cases remain and it was further agreed that Brown-Forman would allow Meadowcroft to sell off its remaining stock.

Meadowcroft will continue releasing wines via the three existing labels: Meadowcroft, Magito and Thomas Henry. The wines are presently distributed in 20 states in Canada and China.

Mr Meadowcroft said, "I am also frustrated that the US Trademark office does not have more sense to uphold the rights of individuals to trademark names that are so dissimilar in meaning and intent."