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A bitcoin QR code. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images
The newbies' guide to bitcoin: should you invest?
By Jan Skoyles - 30 April 16:58

It could usurp the monetary system as we know it, but getting to grips with the basics is essential.

A woman underneath the EU flag. Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images
The Brexit and investments: what would an exit vote mean?
By Bill Robinson - 27 April 17:52

It might save money now, but leaving the EU could have consequences for businesses and share prices.

People choose how to invest in their pensions due to a variety of factors. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News
How to spend it: why do people put their money where they do?
By Andrew Power - 20 April 17:48

Where we invest is driven by a mix of personal preference, government incentives and economic trends.

An Indian women minding her stall. Photo: Getty
Capital with a cause: a guide to social investment
By Phil Caroe - 09 April 18:02

Many of today’s investors want to see their money make a social difference, not just a financial return.

How can Labour shed its anti-business label?
By Robert Corfe - 20 March 14:23

It is not enough for Labour to assent to sound principles if it is not prepared to fight for them with conviction.

The roundtable in process. Photo: DUNCAN SOAR
A taxing question of property: what's really going on with business rates?
By New Statesman - 18 March 15:17

To critics business rates are complex, unfair and produce perverse incentives - to others they offer the guarantee of stable and fixed costs. If reform is coming, what should it look like? The New Statesman brought some leading voices together to find out.

A man at a Berlin computer hacker's congress. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Click and collect: How to become a 21st-century cyber superpower
By Francis Maude - 16 March 15:32

Companies must manage their own risks. Digital security can’t be an issue for the IT department alone: it’s an issue for the boardroom, too, writes Paymaster General Francis Maude.

With so many measures and initiatives, why is boardroom diversity taking so long?
By Jo Iwasaki - 03 June 12:10

Diversity in substance, not just in appearance, brings benefits to boards.

City of London.
UK businesses have plenty of cash to spare, and they're spending it on the young
By Stewart Cowley - 01 April 12:12

Companies are starting to use their cash balances in at least one useful way, to provide training programmes for able young people as an alternative to university.

Sponsored post: Creative ingenuity, the building block for entrepreneurial success
By admin - 14 March 17:59

Salford Business School: Celebrating the creative ingenuity of our SMEs.

Why gender diversity is about more than equality
By Carl Sjostrom - 04 March 11:12

A recent 12-country study of 393 companies found that women are still largely outnumbered in the non-executive director community, but found that the gender mix is improving.

Supreme Court.
The Ray Tooth and Ayesha Vardag debacle proves there really is such a thing as bad publicity
By Mark Nayler - 03 March 13:10

Tooth, a 73-year-old veteran of divorce law, accused his former protégée Vardag of trying to pinch celebrity clients from him, and set about him in astonishing fashion.

Investors hesitate as Ukraine teeters on the precipice
By Elizabeth Stephens - 26 February 10:55

In recent days Ukrainian bonds suffered the worst selloff on record and the stock index fell 2.8 per cent

Justin King.
After Justin King, Satya Nadella and Tim Cook, business needs leaders who will embrace risk, and welcome change
By James Petter - 24 February 10:39

Whether through regulation, market consolidation or new technology, businesses are being forced into rapid change, in order to keep or grow their market position.

David Cameron takes a leaf out of Salmond's book and speaks to the heart, not the head
By Stewart Cowley - 14 February 11:32

Britain's muted but certain recovery is bad news for Alex Salmond. David Cameron seems to have learned from the Scottish First Minister, appealing to the heart, not the head.

How can businesses guard against the floods?
By Keith Tilley - 14 February 11:03

The weather has always been a topic of concern for us Brits, yet we seem powerless when it comes to preparing for it.

Britain could have much to learn from Germany. Photo: Jochen Zick-Pool/Getty Ima
A small question of confidence
By Giulia Cambieri - 12 February 14:14

Much needs to be done, especially when it comes to access to credit.

The future of health, wellbeing and sustainability
By Jonathon Porritt - 12 February 10:43

Any take on sustainability that doesn’t have health and social care close to its heart probably isn’t worth taking seriously.

Six questions answered on Centrica's share price fall after suggestions British Gas could be broken-up
By Heidi Vella - 10 February 12:36

Why is Ed Davey investigating British Gas’s profit margins?

Teachers are itching for a research-based approach - why don't we give it to them?
By Tony McAleavy - 07 February 17:42

There is a thriving social media community of teachers interested in the exchange of ideas about classroom effectiveness.

Strike or no strike, the Mayor of London needs more power
By Alexander Jan - 07 February 15:01

Greater fiscal freedom would allow the mayor to champion properly the interests of hard-pressed commuters and be held accountable for delivery.

Five questions answered on Bombardier’s contract to provide trains for Crossrail
By Heidi Vella - 07 February 12:51

How much is the Bombardier-Crossrail contract worth?

Economic progress won't delay the need to reform the legal services industry
By Nigel Knowles - 04 February 16:47

There are many systemic problems in the sector - too many lawyers, too many firms - and the financial upheaval of the past 5 years has done little to slow things down.

Consumers have accepted advertising online, but targeted mobile ads? Not so much
By Rupert Staines - 04 February 15:28

Mobile advertising has up to now relied upon massive campaigns with poor results. There is a belief you cannot intelligently advertise on mobile, but now more than ever, this is simply untrue.

Five questions answered on Lloyds’ announcement on increasing PPI provisions
By Heidi Vella - 04 February 13:01

Will it affect the groups’ profits?

Five questions answered on David Cameron’s pledge to reduce red tape for small businesses
By Heidi Vella - 27 January 13:24

Which rules and regulations does Cameron intend to amend or scrap?

Winners and losers: who took a step towards a sustainable future at Davos?
By Sally Uren - 27 January 13:10

One reason why Davos won’t deliver all our dreams is that there isn’t an honest enough conversation about winners and losers. Here are three of the best, and three of the worst types of people at the World Economic Forum.

When Twitter storms cause financial panic
By Vincent F Hendricks - 22 January 16:47

It seems that incorrect information, rumours, hoaxes and hearsays will inevitably bamboozle financial markets from time to time. The consequences appear frightening but some argue this sort of noise is actually necessary for trading.