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Five questions answered on a new survey about the UK’s finances
By Heidi Vella - 02 August 12:53

The Money Advice Service has released the results of its latest survey into people’s finances. We answer five questions on the survey’s results.

The EU's cat-herder-in-chief fails to move the markets where he wants
By Nick Beecroft - 02 August 9:47

Mario Draghi strained to have an effect, but to no avail.

Why are foreign investments in the UK rising?
By Sara Perria - 01 August 14:11

Is it just the weather?

“I never got complacent”
By Raymond Doherty - 01 August 13:55

Business quote of the day.

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When will big Pharma finally go transparent?
By Heidi Vella - 31 July 10:42

Not quite there yet.

The $100bn cost of making tourists get visas
By Alex Hern - 31 July 10:23

"Tough on migration" can't help but meaning "tough on tourism".

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BP disaster fund almost drained
By Mark Brierley - 30 July 16:54

Faces ever higher legal payouts.

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Signs you've gone on holiday to a fascist dictatorship
By Stewart Cowley - 30 July 12:15

And what that means for the markets in Italy and Spain.

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“At the moment we are not winning the e-wars"
By Raymond Doherty - 30 July 10:14

Keith Vaz: business quote of the day.

The “go home” campaign has the hallmarks of a classic PR stunt
By Josh Lowe - 29 July 16:18

Sorry, politicians don't get to use the controversy/backlash/press coverage PR ploy.

There's a new horizon in history: "panic time"
By Colin Hay and Tony Payne - 29 July 12:50

It's no longer enough to think of history moving in series of events. Thanks to the Great Uncertainty, we now have to look at the moments when time breaks down.

Is Ofgem “failing consumers”?
By Heidi Vella - 29 July 10:47

Five questions answered on MPs criticism of Ofgem.

“Today is a great day for Britain's worst bosses”
By Raymond Doherty - 29 July 10:00

Frances O'Grady: business quote of the day.

What today's introduction of Employment Tribunal Fees really means
By Matt Foster - 29 July 9:38

As of this morning, Employment Tribunals - set up to provide a proper, impartial forum for the resolution of disputes between employees and employers - are no longer free to access.

Why I willingly handed over my credit card and PIN to a fraudster
By Andy Welch - 29 July 8:23

If scammers disguised themselves as your bank's fraud protection team, would you fall for it? Andy Welch did.

Amazon reports quarterly loss, so of course share price is up
By Alex Hern - 26 July 17:40

Welcome to the wacky world of Amazon.

Would Justin Welby be embarrassed to own shares in my bank?
By Alex Hern - 26 July 11:20

The financial sector as a whole isn't the most salubrious industry to be in.

A trade deal that allows corporations to sue governments is not about "recovery"
By David Cronin - 26 July 10:24

The proposed US-EU partnership is likely to strip away rules that protect health and the environment.

Quote of the day: BT CEO on the Public Accounts Committee
By Raymond Doherty - 26 July 10:11

“They are clearly designed to attract publicity rather than get to the underlying truth."

When Big Pharma starts playing video games
By Elly Earls - 26 July 8:52

"Labster" is an e-learning video game with potential.

When a wealthy women experiences domestic violence
By Sophie McBain - 26 July 8:39

Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna and Nigella Lawson.

Is an Irish recovery on the way?
By Andrew Amoils - 26 July 8:01

House prices rose over the last year.

Welby’s war on Wonga
By Nick Moody - 25 July 16:34

Are the Archbishop of Canterbury’s plans to take on payday lenders heroic or harebrained?

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A financial transactions tax just makes good business sense for Britain
By Jon Slater - 25 July 16:20

Rather than refusing it to rebuild our casino banks, we should create something new and better.