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A Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire: "The fruitcake of tablets"
By Alex Hern - 03 May 15:29

Kindle Fire's marketshare fell by 10 percentage points over the last quarter. But why?

Other people's business, Thursday 3 May
By New Statesman - 03 May 9:44

India, cricket, and unnecessary heart surgery.

Other people's business, Wednesday 2 May
By New Statesman - 02 May 10:55

Coca-Cola and source code.

Are pubs being taxed too hard?
By New Statesman - 01 May 16:05

12 pubs are closing per week.

B&N in DC
Barnes and Noble works with Microsoft to make lots of money
By Alex Hern - 30 April 17:42

Valuation puts B&N's ebook business as more valuable than the rest of the company combined

Other people's business, Monday 30 April
By New Statesman - 30 April 11:41

Shareholder rage and climate change.

Apple's taxing problem
By Alex Hern - 30 April 11:13

New York Times accuses Apple of tax avoidance on a large scale

Steve Jobs and the iMac Factory
Steve Jobs: not always a creative genius
By Alex Hern - 27 April 16:00

Jobs wanted to meet competition winner "in full Willy Wonka garb".

An Android tablet is demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas
Google hoped Android to be on 1/3 of all tablets by 2011
By Alex Hern - 27 April 15:27

Acheived goal of 10 million sold, but missed marketshare substantially.

Campaigners outside the Leveson inquiry
Other people's business, Friday 27 April
By Alex Hern - 27 April 11:25

Kickstarter and Murdoch

Johnson Press, Photograph, Getty Images.
Johnson Press: Zombie Company?
By Dominic Ponsford - 26 April 16:54

The company is saddled with huge debt.

My business head hurts
By Ruby Wax - 26 April 16:42

The ‘depression stigma’ is costing British business billions.

Gambling, Photograph, Getty Images.
Other people's business, Thursday 26 April
By New Statesman - 26 April 12:07

Stand up gamblers and Credit Suisse.

Cranes help build the Bishopsgate Tower in London
This double-dip looks like a trade problem
By Andrew Sissons - 25 April 15:31

Britain is importing more and exporting less, and that's where the recession stems from.

Other people's business, Wednesday 25 April
By New Statesman - 25 April 10:44

Space mining and quitting work.

The price of sin (in the soft drink sense)
By Amance Boutin - 24 April 18:00

Paris – Repercussions of the new “sin tax” on soft drinks.

The Pebble watch, the highest funded Kickstarter project to date
Kickstarter raised almost $120m last year
By Alex Hern - 24 April 11:02

Company's revenue around $6m

Other people's business, Tuesday 24 April
By New Statesman - 24 April 9:52

Why your mother keeps calling.

£25m? Not quite enough
By Dominic Ponsford - 23 April 16:26

The Mail's online revenue is still a drop in the ocean.

Games for boys, Getty images
Not there yet
By Fiona Dent - 18 April 15:54

Women in business still have to work harder than men for same recognition.

Refresh yourself
By Pedro Ibaez - 18 April 14:01

Are Latin American beverage companies in tune with their consumers?

Fracking vehicles, Getty images.
Fracking: Just what are the risks?
By Richard Davies - 17 April 13:40

Shale gas: mining the data.

The Uk could take cue from Europe, Getty images.
Supporting business: let's follow northern Europe
By Kayte Lawton - 17 April 12:16

The UK needs to raise its game.

New Statesman
Can the web buoy papers as print rapidly sinks?
By Dominic Ponsford - 16 April 15:33

A closer look at the newspapers' plummeting circulation figures.

Impersonators wait outside Mann's Chinese Theatre
Creative industries are stronger than ever
By Alex Hern - 16 April 15:30

A new report shows why "the internet is killing the entertainment industry" is as true as "home tapi

Wine, China, Getty images
China's first traceable wine
By Phil Chan - 14 April 15:38

A big step for an industry plagued with scandals.

Larry Page, Google CEO, Getty images.
Page still in Google's driving seat
By Jason Stamper - 13 April 17:37

Recent results show Google is still every bit the search engine advertising king.

A big Google+ logo.
Control freaks: Google's stock split
By Alex Hern - 13 April 11:51

It's good for the founders, but is it in the company's interests?

How valuable are trees to a city? Getty images
Other people's business, Friday 13 April
By New Statesman - 13 April 10:14

Valuable trees, and Facebook's fear.

Firing the fired
By Martha Gill - 12 April 18:00

"You're Fired": apprentice regurgitated