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Where do the other half live?
By Spears magazine - 26 September 14:23

By 2015, it'll be the Asia Pacific.

Gabrielle Ortiz.
E-cigarettes should be marketed as a tobacco deterrent, not the skinny jeans of the inhalation industry
By Vickie Morrish - 26 September 12:00

Lorillard's "Blu" e-cigarettes are being sold as the latest vogue nicotine product, when really they should be presented as an attractive way of cutting down.

The Fiddlers Ferry Power Station sits under a brooding sky in Cheshire
Denying climate change is worse than spreading the usual kind of conspiracy theory: it costs lives
By Mehdi Hasan - 26 September 11:00

Worse than the dottiest 9/11 conspiracy theorists, climate-change deniers — from our Tory Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, to the US senator James Inhofe — are dawdling as the world’s poorest die.

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What Downton Abbey can teach us about dying without a will
By Spears magazine - 26 September 10:08

Where there's a will, there's a way.

New Statesman
Are there too many people?
By Felix Martin - 26 September 8:47

Whatever the answer, we need a population policy.

A screenshot from Grand Theft Auto.
Grand Theft Auto V: a giant, targeted missile of satire
By Tom Watson - 25 September 14:36

This game has such market power that it can defy all media attacks and laugh at itself, knowing that millions of us get the joke, says Tom Watson.

New Statesman
The gold rush for commodities isn't over yet
By Spears magazine - 25 September 11:24

...despite claims the super-cycle is dead.

A priest offering a sacrifice.
Ed Miliband's critics think his energy pledge will make the lights go out. They are wrong
By Alex Andreou - 25 September 10:52

The energy companies are squealing over the Labour leader's proposed freeze on energy prices, warning of blackouts. They ignore the fact that the lights are already going out - for the 4.5 million people living in fuel poverty.

Prepare to be wrong about Sky
By Spencer Neal - 24 September 15:32

Cheers among the chattering classes.

New Statesman
Turning off the QE tap is going to be impossible
By Spears magazine - 23 September 12:54

And it's no laughing matter. Try asking the record 20.2 per cent of US households stuck on food stamps.

Credit Unions just might have a fighting chance
By Carl Packman - 20 September 17:58

A real ethical alternative?

New Statesman
We'll all have smart meters by 2020
By Heidi Vella - 20 September 17:47

What's a smart meter?

New Statesman
The Fed's decision not to taper was a protest
By Nick Beecroft - 20 September 16:36

But do they protest too much?

New Statesman
The most passive aggressive machine you'll see today
By Caroline Crampton - 20 September 10:54

Meet the lego device that has to have the last word.

There is no alternative
By Louise Ellman - 19 September 16:20

For the benefit of the whole of the country, the government must allow Heathrow airport to expand.

New Statesman
Dear Sir Howard...
By new-statesman - 19 September 16:13

The New Statesman invited leading politicians and heads of think tanks, business and consumer groups to pen an open letter to the chairman of the Airports Commission, Sir Howard Davies. This is what they wrote.

Start with the passengers
By Mike Tretheway - 19 September 16:02
Why competing gateway airports better serve communities
Issue by issue
By Jon Bernstein - 19 September 15:49

From demand to connectivity, economic and environmental impact, a trawl through the data throws up some interesting insights.

The view from Gatwick
By Stewart Wingate - 19 September 15:39

London enjoys world-class air links. With 134 million passengers flying in and out each year, it’s the best-connected city in the world. Yet with a future capacity problem it begs the question: for how long?

“I started out cleaning Freddie Laker’s planes”
By Jon Bernstein - 19 September 15:35

Simon Calder, the Independent’s travel correspondent, talks capacity myths, his first job in travel and a love of Singapore’s Changi airport.

Facing up to the capacity crunch
By new-statesman - 19 September 15:19

Talk of demand, competition, connectivity and the economic and environmental consequences of air travel dominated a New Statesman-hosted debate on the future of aviation.

Think big, build small
By Terry Farrell - 19 September 15:03

Using the fox in Isaiah Berlin’s famous essay as inspiration, let’s think about large infrastructure projects in an incremental and pragmatic way.